Broken Jaw Update

It’s been 3 weeks since my son broke his jaw. Yesterday at his checkup the doctor said he gets the wires off in ONE week! Then he gets to switch to rubber bands, which will allow him to open his mouth at least a little. We scheduled surgery to get it ALL off on June 12th. So we’re slowly making it.

I’ve become a collossal nag, reminding him to eat something every two hours or so. Poor guy– he has taken to heavy sighing and eye rolling every time I request that he eat something. BUT so far he hasn’t lost any weight– hooray! His favorite non-shake things to eat are cheese soup, ravioli, and mashed potatoes with cheese. All these things puree really well and are pretty decent tasting.

He is getting woefully sick of shakes– he swears he’ll never eat another one his whole life after this. But he manages to get at least one or two down every day anyway. He’s being a really good sport, and the juicer’s coming in handy too. Yesterday we made a luscious thick juice/ smoothie from a quart of home canned peaches and two carrots. It was so good that everyone was green with envy watching him enjoy it. We ended up having to make a second batch for everyone else to enjoy.

Yesterday he began the list of things he’s planning to eat when he gets the wires off. Looks like I’ll be busy cooking come mid-June!


  1. Thank God for the Juicer!!! Sounds like he's being a good sport though. Glad to hear he'll be done soon! 🙂

  2. I made my own baby food for all my kids. But now that my kids are all eating adult food, I've lost the skills necessary to puree so many things. I admire your persistence. I'm serious when I say: One eye roll, and my child would be making her own meals!
    I'm so glad to hear the good news that your son is on the mend. I can identify with his 'list'! Years ago, in high school, I was a competitive athlete who had to watch what I ate. I made lists of food that I would eat when I was pregnant (in the future) and didn't have to worry about calories! Now? Calories still don't matter to me – much.

  3. Wow on him not losing any weight! That is wonderful! I can imagine though it just might be 2026 when he finally has another shake.

  4. Have you tried this recipe yet for strawberry smoothies? It's one I got from someone and then changed a bit.

    1 8oz pkg of frozen strawberries
    1 cup apple juice
    1 6 or 8oz container of plain yogurt
    1 8oz (I think it's 8oz)pkg of silken soft tofu

    Put everything in the blender and let it go. We drink some like a milk shake and freeze some as freezer pops. We all love them.

    Glad he's feeling a bit better,

  5. You are such a good mom about keeping track of his dietary intake. I don't know that I would have so much 'stick to it' for weeks and weeks.

    I can relate to his 'never again'.
    In my younger days, I worked as a waitress at a restaurant whose specialty was strawberry pies.
    One morning the Prep Cook called off sick, so I was shifted back to her corner for the morning (the payscale on the timecard is another story).

    On the work list was 5 dozen strawberry pies. This went all the way from sorting and cleaning and washing the berries, baking the shells, mixing the glaze.
    By the time I smoothed the topping across Pie Number 60, I said I would never again make one!
    Weeks later, I learned that the Prep hadn't really been sick, she just didn't want to face that mountain of red fruit.

  6. My son has a heel injury and should ice it 2-3 times a day, along with stretching exercises. I get the eye-rolls, too!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog yesterday. I'm enjoying reading about your family here.

  7. Poor kid! Thank goodness he is making progress. Hope the surgery is a huge success and that this becomes a distant memory for him.

  8. I've been wondering about him, and the weight, and all of it! just one more week, yea!!!

  9. Awesome update! Glad to hear he hasn't lost any weight!!!

  10. Oh, YEAH for him! You must post his list of food!

    And no weight loss! you did good, mom!

  11. Jody, At first I thought you were asking for the list of what we've pureed, but I realized that of course you want the list of his requested food for AFTER he gets the wires off…
    I'll try to remember to post it when he decides for sure


  12. My guess is that you will love every minute of your cooking for him!

    No weight lost? AMAZING!! You go, Mary. The nagging is paying off.