The BlogGirls Idaho ParTAY

The Time: Saturday Night
The Place: An Italian Restaurant
The Partiers:

The Blogs:
Karli: Mom on a Wire
Heather: One Woman’s World
Beth: Her Majesty’s Throne
April: April1930s
Taffi : One More Thing to Do
Emily : Here Today… Probably Tomorrow Too
Alicia: Growing Spuds
Kathryn: Daring Young Mom
Karen: The Big Trade-off
Mary: Owl Haven
Stephanie:Princess Mom
Brooke: ABC Momma

It was a bright sunny evening at a busy area restaurant. The parking lot hummed with cars circling in search of elusive parking spots. The patio buzzed with conversation. Ladies in high heels clacked around the lobby, waiting to be escorted by the hostess to tables.

Due to my unfamiliarity with the location of the restaurant, I breezed in fashionably late. Upon mention of the magic word (“Kathryn” she spoke mysteriously), the hostess led me back to the noisiest corner of the restaurant. There a huddle of beautiful ladies sat, their rauccous hoots of laughter contrasting sharply with their elegant clothing and perfectly coiffed hair.

I was greeted with a gratifying chorus of delighted cries–“It’s Owlhaven!”–and felt for a moment like a rock star– until I was handed a pen and a nametag to fill out. Hmmm… maybe I’m not Bono yet.

The Mistress of Ceremonies directed the assemblage to introduce themselves and gave me the first turn– thus assuring that I would forget half of what I was supposed to tell about myself and then spend the rest of the introductions thinking how I am sooo better on paper (or on screen) than I am in person.

A highlight of the evening for me was learning the real names of various children whom I have been reading about over the past few months. The general concensus was that it is a real pain in the tookus not using kids’ real names on blogs. We LOOOVE their names, after all.

Food came out: salad, bread, lasagne, spaghetti, pizza and fetticini. Mmmm, mmmm, mmm! Thanks, meal coordinator. A lively game of musical chairs was proposed and played, reminding me somewhat of Speed dating. In making my rounds of the table, I am reasonably certain I kept hold of my own eating utensils, though I am not 100% certain. I am certain we both intrigued and baffled anyone watching from surrounding tables.

At one point in the evening people were laughingly telling me I wasn’t going to get a bite to eat since they all wanted to hear ALL about the adoptions of my children. Fortunately that is one of of my MOST favorite topics in the world to talk about, well worth missing a few bites of fetticini for. Plus, it SOO made me feel like a rock star–again! (All together now, readers, sing, “You’re SO Vain” Carly Simon-like).

Other memorable moments of the evening included:
— a visit by Karen and Beth’s mom (those gals have NOTHING to fear if they age like their momma. Oh, my–she is adorable!)

— Stupid Human Tricks, by Karen and Heather

–and everyone’s scramble for cameras (and more rauccous laughter) when Karen decided to decorate her teeth with some artistically placed broccoli.

Long before we were ready call it an evening, waitresses were trolling the table trying to snatch our plates and shorten our remaining time to visit. Finally we relinquished our hold on our plates, and, sighing, got up to leave.

Outside, we decided we MUST have a group shot (see above). Soon, 4 innocent bystanders found themselves holding 2 or 3 cameras apiece, and snapping wildly as we all took turns shouting, “Take one more!”

Then, as we felt in need of a souvenir to commemorate the evening, it was off to hunt cheap jewelry. Our first destination was the dollar store. But after we tried two places, both of which were closed, (it was after 9 pm)we succumbed to the inevitable—‘resistance is futile. You WILL be assimilated’ (quick, name that quote, someone!)– and headed for Walmart.

If you’re interested in photos from that exotic land, please peruse Emily’s blog. I am happy to report that there we conducted a successful foray for matching cheap jewelry for everyone. It will doubtless turn our necks green if we actually wear it more than an hour or two. But it stands as a fun remembrance of a delightful evening. I’d add a picture of mine, but I’ve spent a gazillion minutes writing this post already and I’m tired.

It was great, everyone!! Let’s do it again.


  1. It looks like it was a ton of fun. I wish I could have been there too.

  2. AH! That was the best. I love your post. You're totally Bono-level to me. We just made you wear the nametag so the rest of us wouldn't feel inferior.

  3. you guys look like you had a blast!


  4. You are fabulous and totally rock star level! We all had to wear nametags so those of us who aren't cool blog stars wouldn't feel silly with them!

  5. Oh, you girls are too funny!
    Mary, so not a rock star

  6. Sounds so fun!

  7. Because no one named the quote I'll go as far as Star-Trek. Was it Generations? I dont think so, but it is the only title I remember. The one where they go back in time and take off in a rocket and jam to that song that is also in Apollo 13. But I'm not a sci-fi freak or anything (she rolls her eyes).

    Sound awesome. And one day maybe I can tie you down and hear your adtoption stories, too.

  8. Fun! And great pics too.

  9. It was so fantastic to meet you in person! You are just fascinating!!

  10. The BORG!

    Mary, it was awesome to meet you! I had a blast.

  11. Yup, Jamie and Taffi, it was the Borg in Star Trek. I'm not a Trekkie either, but for some reason that line is trapped in my brain.


  12. someone's not wearing a shoe!!

    looks like it was an awesome time. wish i could have come too!

  13. woo hoo! someday… someday i'll be cool enough to meet some uber-fabulous blogging-folk.

  14. This post was HILARIOUS!!!! You are too funny! I had such a great time. It was fun getting to know you a bit more!

  15. What a blessing to hear about your adoption stories! It was so VERY inspiring to see how God used you for His glory! Lovely to meet you, Mary.

  16. I'm glad you like talking about adoption, I was worried I was making you talk about a subject you were tired of discussing. You're fascinating!!

  17. I wish I could have gone! It looked like fun! Thanks for filling us all in!

  18. Oh, sounds like so much fun!!

  19. Glad you girls had so much fun!!! Jealous!!!

  20. Glad you girls had so much fun!!! Jealous!!!

  21. BORG!

  22. You gals ought to have a movie made about you…or a book…or host a TV show together…

  23. You are SO a rock star. Don't be so modest! 🙂

    Seriously fun time. So happy I met you and wish there had been more time!!!

  24. How fun!!! Looks like you all clicked as well irl as you do online.

  25. Sounds like such a terrific time! you got to meet some great ladies!

  26. OHhhhh I am so glad everyone had such a great time!!I am going all over blogdome to check out all the pictures!! SOOO cool

  27. Oh! That looks so fun! I am glad you all had a good time!

  28. ohhh so much fun!!! Glad you went!

  29. Are all those ladies from Idaho? At least in 2006? (I searched the blog for “Idaho” – that’s how I ended up in posts from 2006!)

    *Totally* praying we get the Boise job (for lots of other reasons, too…*grin*)!

    Thanks *so* much for the helpful e-mail!

    My husband’s company will be making a decision this week and asking us to make a decision – if we have a choice – by *Wednesday*! No time to visit Idaho before we decide, yet strongly leaning towards Boise if it’s offered!