Support a Friend

If you haven’t already, will you go visit MomRN2 at My Quiet Corner and give her some support? Her daughter is very, very ill.

Reading about it reminded me of the time my 16 year old was 3 years old. She had many of these same symptoms and ended up being LifeFlighted to the Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. She turned out to have hemolytic uremia due to e. coli. (It was back in ’93 when so many people were getting sick from bad hamburger at restaurants, remember that?) She came this close to needing kidney dialysis. It was a very scary time.

Because of that, I really feel for MomRN2. Go give her some encouragement and say a prayer for her daughter, K?


  1. No sooner said than done. Bless them, Lord.

  2. My step-son nearly died back in '92 of the same thing. He was so touch and go. He got it from eating hamburgers at Jack in the Box…back when they were the cause of the e. coli. Several kids from his daycare died. Very scary.

  3. i did, thanks…

  4. Oh no… I just went– Many prayers of course.

  5. Thanks for calling attention to this situation, Mary. It is frightening.

  6. Oh, my goodness! I'm going to be so careful with hamburger now! Praying for MomRN2!