You doubt me…?

For those who doubt my story of a 4 foot long snake in my yard– are you from Missouri or what??– here is further photographic proof.

The kids, though.. they’re all made up.


  1. Yuck! Do you know what kind it is?

  2. I'm a believer! I don't knwo where you live, but if it's south they are a dime a dozen. We used to find huge ones in our yards all the time. Of course, I lived near a bayou… Blech!

  3. eww..I would have died if I had seen that in my yard! I hate snakes…they are creepy and have no legs, that my friends is the DEVIL!

  4. Is it a bull snake? My first husband was an amateur herpetologist and he kept live snakes (some venomous) in cages IN THE HOUSE, before we had kids and I had to fight to get rid of them. That kind of proximity makes you less afraid of the non-venomous ones, and completely phobic about the venomous ones. I have some snake horror stories that would make your hair stand on end…!!

  5. it is a gopher snake– not poisonous but very gross anyway.


  6. LOL I looked up snake patterns when you first posted the tail pic, and I jotted down gopher snake and spotted leaf-nosed snake. But man…there are so many snake patterns!

  7. Can I say yuck?

  8. Oh my gosh, where's the head?!?!?

  9. under the shovel!


  10. Growing up out in the country (on the central coast of California), we encountered many a rattlesnake…who always found their head under my dad's shovel!

  11. we only have garter snakes on the Island – they are non-poisonous and great for the garden. They give me the willies now but when I was a kid I used to carry them wrapped around my wrist – hey!! maybe I should have entered that into your contest Mary 🙂

  12. I live in AZ and we have lots of snake sightings!! In fact, one of our friends found one in their yard just a couple weeks ago : )

    Yuck… I hate snakes!!

  13. SKETCHY. Seriously. I've got the crawly feeling on my neck now.
    At least it's not a rat.

  14. EWWW. All snakes are gross!!

  15. That's a whole lot of snake.

    I used to have a "pet" blacksnake that lived under my grandparents' front porch. She would come out to sun herself and I would pet her. She was about six feet long.

    But I can understand your reaction. With a yard full of kids, a big 'ole snake would freak me out, too.

  16. the tapr measure is a lovely touch!