The Sound Of Music

My kids are blessed to be in a really great choir, taught by an exceptionally talented director who has won awards all over the US for her children’s choirs. She teaches kids how to make truly beautiful music– she has 9-12 year olds singing in 3 part harmony.

This evening was the spring concert, and it was awesome. The kids sang fun stuff like “Bare Necessities” (Disney Jungle Book) and “The Sound Of Music” along with ones I’d never heard before like Walking In The Air and River in Judea (lyrics). I am so thrilled my kids are getting beautiful music in their brains.


  1. Beautiful music, and such a nice looking bunch to boot. You are fortunate indeed!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Being in Choir is one of my fondest memories of high school.
    Like yours, the Director made it such a fine experience.
    If your younguns sound as nice as they look, I'm sure it was a wonderful to be in the audience.

    The song _Walking in the Air_ is on my Kenny Loggins album about Christmas, and I think it is supposed to be about Santa's reindeer. A bit unusual to have it as part of the Spring Concert.

  3. Oh my goodness, Mary. Walking in the Air is from the movie The Snowman, a 30 minute animated video about a boy whose snowman comes to life. Neither the boy nor the snowman speaks; it's all orchestrations and the song Waling in the Air. It's so beautiful and one of my favorite winter movies and you have GOT to see it. Sweet and beautiful and a little sad. It used to be on PBS all the time…
    Ok, end of animated movie tangent.