Opinion Saturday

Today’s Opinion Saturday. I’ll be awarding the Very Interesting Person Award this time around. I want to know the most unique thing you’ve done in the past year, the thing you think the fewest number of us have also done. My personal ‘thing’ is probably my trip to Ethiopia last summer, though I know others have also done it.

So what have you done since last Mother’s Day? Have you taken a pottery class? Given birth to twins? Moved three times this year? Learned to square dance? Knitted 16 sweaters? Installed a new stereo in your car by yourself? Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane? Canned 50 quarts of jam? Sent a book in to be rejected by 17 different publishers? (I did that last one a few years back…)

The point is to tell me something fun and different about yourself… You have till Monday evening. Everybody’s probably got something if you think hard enough… ready, set, go!


  1. Last Mother's Day our family of 4 (plus my very pregnant belly) lived in a small two bedroom 1 bathroom house. We needed to remodel in order to move. So on 6/20 we moved into the basement of my mom's condo. That night I went into labor and we had our 3rd child the next morning. All five of us lived in that basement for 4 whole months, while we remodeled and sold our house. I was so afraid things would go badly, but they actually went really, REALLY well. It was a great time for me and mom that we will treasure!

  2. Since last Mother's day our family(while living in Germany)went to see the Corrie tenBoom (The Hiding Place)& AnneFrank museums & saw the Holland tulips and windmills, swam (ok, dipped our feet)in the North Sea *brr*, saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hiked Italy's CinqueTerra's, rode on a boat in the canal's of Venice, and swam in the Mediterranian (in Italy), drove through "Heidiland" Switzerland (Yes, it's really a place) went to Mallorca (swam again in the med), Poland and Czechlosovakia and moved back to the United States.
    I'm exhuasted! 🙂
    Fun post today!

  3. Is there really much point in posting after lammyann? Sheesh! I want HER life! (Or at least that portion of it that saw so many interesting things 🙂

    Seriously, though, the last year hasn't been that interesting. I went to Africa too, but that was last February, so it doesn't count.

    Ummm… let's see… I've travelled to both coasts in Canada in the past year. Does that count? Sorry, I'd have to stretch back further than a year to find something really worthwhile.

  4. hehe– I hear what you're saying, Heather– what she wrote is pretty amazing. But all the answers don't have to be about travel…!


  5. I researched my ancestor's names back 17 generations. Without traveling. (Although, that would have truly added to the fun!)

  6. Since Mother's Day last year, I have truly embraced who I am since my accident in May 2003. I am mostly the same as I was before (not like I had a choice with three young daughters depending on me). Yet, I could only see what I had lost. Growing up, I was always shamed for my outgoing personality. (Sit down, Erin, and for God's sake BE QUIET!) A fellow TBI survivor told me to forget who I was before the accident and simply embrace who I have become. I did, and created a blog to share with anyone who wants a window into my life!

  7. Since Mother's Day last year we have purchased not one, but TWO vehicles off of Ebay and retrieved them from the East coast. Kind of a gamble for a "play it safe" type girl like me.

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  9. hmmm…this is not going to be too great, but – i learned to make beaded jewelry, crochet, and how to make a good cheesecake from scratch! 🙂

  10. hmmm…I went kayaking among the icebergs…not bad for a librarian.
    proof of the pudding here http://sparrowhome.blogspot.com/2006/01/my-nation

  11. Gee Mary I don't know how to put a live link on comments – but it's on my blog sidebar under Favourite Posts – My National Geographic Moment 🙂

  12. I am SO SORRY, I re-read your question and you asked for the SINGLE as in ONE, OK so I'm trashing my first one, and saying that the one most interesting thing we are doing is: -we are learning Mexican sign language.

  13. suddenly — I feel quite mundane.

    Way to go ladies!

  14. Perri– you do SO MANY interesting things!!! What about all the things you've done to your house in the past 3 months?? Just since January you've done a ton of cool stuff!


  15. I managed to stay sober for another year!

  16. I'm 20 years old and in this past year I saw the ocean for the very first time. Maybe not that interesting but for me, after two decades of waiting and dreaming, it was mesmorizing and absolutely breathtaking. To wriggle my toes into the sand at the edge of the surf and smell that wonderfully salty air for the very first time was a dream come true for me and a memory that I'll hold with me and cherish forever.

  17. sniff sniff…
    I didn't intend to make everything else seem unspecial. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs because each of you have cool things about yourselves…I think it would have been better to write:
    "I travelled europe." and left it at that.
    sorry everyone!

  18. Ok I'll have a go – it was quite a while ago, but… well when my DH and I were dating, we went on a 5 day white water rafting and horseback riding trip in Montana. We went from NY to Montana by train because I didn't want to fly. The train ride was an experience in and of itself – but that's another story.

    We got to Montana and was it ever beautiful – never have I seen a sky so blue. We rode horses for 3 days in the mountains of Glacier National Park – ooooohhhhh we could barely walk after that first day but it got better. We slept in tents, had bathed in mountain streams and when the brochure said icy mountain streams they weren't kidding.

    After 3 days of horseback riding it was time to leave the horses and get on the rafts (did I mention I can't swim) for 2 days we rafted and camped out, on the very last day we hit the worst of the rapids where there was a photographer strategically stationed. Of course we bought the pictures – never mind that I have on a baseball cap, my hair pulled back and sunglasses on and nobody recognizes me. Oh and you know all those neat pictures in the travel brochures that show people smiling in the raft….they are not smiling they are screaming with fear and from the cold water.

    It was a great vacation, we both had a wonderful time, and we learned a few lessons. I learned that when they say bring sun screen – do it! That was back in the day when I scoffed a sun screen – well let's just say that peeling skin was something that I got very familiar with. DH learned that you don't say, I'd like a horse name Ace – especially if you've only ridden a few times in your life.

    The vacation of a lifetime!

  19. Ooopss I just re-read Mary's question – "What have you done since last mother's day" – disregard my post please. I don't know how to delete it.

  20. Multi-tasking mom– nooooo!– I'm glad you wrote it. It was really fun to read. I'm more interested in hearing people's stories than I am in sticking with a particular time period.

    Thanks for commenting!!


  21. Last summer, my husband and I gave the outside of our house a makeover. I learned to caulk AND spent hours filling in the little holes in our cedar siding. Then, we painted…and painted…and painted. We put on a new roof, and I learned how to shingle. It's something we'd probably NEVER take on again, but certainly a time we'll never forget!!!

  22. Wow. Everyone does such interesting stuff. White water rafting and trips to interesting places…I completely defer to y'all for the award, but the question did make me think about my past year:

    I started playing bass guitar in a rock band this year. Yes, it totally qualifies as a mid-life crisis since it's something I haven't done since before I got married. Go figure. This time, Christian rock; last time, total hedonism.

    And I started blogging. My blog friends aren't too impressed, but my IRL friends think it's way cool.

    I've also started doing some public speaking. I've done a couple of brunches and a retreat this past year. It's been a total out-of-my-comfort zone experience for me. One thing that's happened is that, when I address a group, God teaches me more than I teach the ladies I'm speaking to. He just blows me away!

    Am enjoying reading everyone's "most unique" comments.

  23. Hmmmm, One thing I did this year was play "What a Wonderful World" on my trombone in an old french church for the funeral of an old local winemaker/jazz lover. As his casket was carried out, my little group played the "St Louis Blues". It made a sad moment less sad.

  24. I hope I'm not too late.

    Since Mother's Day of last year, I've moved from Alabama to Louisiana, due to the storm, go figure, had a baby, lost a home and have stuffed a loving family of five in a two bedroom home. But probably the most unique thing to know about me (and if you knew me this is quite different than what I once planned long ago) is my new outlook on life that consisted of a major life change. About 6 months ago, I was involved in a car accident with an eighteen wheeler in which my sons were with me and I was 8 months pregnant. My husband almost lost his entire family in a blink of an eye. In my busy life, I never thought of the importance of staying home, not until that moment. In that moment, I realized that I hadn't spent enough time on my family. I spent loads of time on work, school, and responsiblilities. In that moment, I realized that it would be easier to struggle financially instead of struggling to keep up. In that moment, I saw what I needed to see. And I'm proud to say I'm now "domesticated", as my mom would say. The once career driven mom has finally accepted her role as a proud mother of three, a very lucky wife to one, and a loyal friend to many. It just took getting hit by a mack truck to figure it out.

  25. Beautiful story Mother'Load… thank you for sharing it.