I am sooo glad it was my husband who found this nasty slitherer in our back yard instead of the kids. I couldn’t bear to post the picture of the whole snake! (bonus points if you can ID this snake by its tail alone…)


  1. Oh man. I would have absolutely died if something that huge showed up in my yard. Died. On the spot. Whoa. (but still kind of curiously wanting to see the whole ugly thing)

  2. Oh I am SO glad you didn't post the whole snake–I am TERRIFIED of them!!! (Growing up one actually ended up INSIDE our house–I think I'm still scarred!)

    I have no idea what type, but no rattles so not a rattlesnake.

  3. ew!

  4. AAACCCHHHH!! I am scared – and I am way over here!

  5. Ack! I want to know who the lucky person is holding the business end of the snake?

  6. I am bummed. When I wrote my after-School Special Post on how to kill snakes, I pictured housewives across America wielding their hoes and screeching "aaaaYEEEEEEEE!" in their renewed brazen battle against snakes. I am woman hear me screech, or something like that. Guess I have a way to go.

    Of course my snake did not quite measure a foot…

  7. ewww I would have freaked.

  8. Oh man, that was so freaky!! I hate snakes!!

  9. Snakes are not my favorite either. Hope it wasn't a poisonous one!

  10. Hmm, trying to identify the snake, but there are so many kinds that I would need to know the region you live in so I could narrow it down a little. (Do you know what kind it is?)

    P.S. Thanks for changing the color of your links — much more visible! 🙂

  11. maybe a gopher snake or short-tailed snake?

    not a big snake kinda gal. lol

  12. I don't think I could step foot in my yard again! Although, I do think snakes make great low maintenance pets the unpredictableness of a wild one freaks me out!

  13. HELLO!! You would find me running in the other direction. Sudder is right!

  14. Ewww. Looks like a gopher snake.

  15. OMG, that pic freaked me out. I don't like snakes much. Ugh.

  16. my guess is a glossy or a rat snake, but that little of the tail is hard to tell.

    especially when we can't see that the picture wasn't taken to make a banded sand snake (10") look 4'

  17. found one that fits the bill and lives in your neck of the woods (I think)

    a gopher snake

  18. blech– i won't go in our backyard alone- cause my dh always sees snakes there when he mows–