I Was How Skinny..?

The ladies at our church are organizing a wedding dress fashion show for our annual Mother’s Day Tea. So this evening I dug out my wedding dress, and my 16 year old tried it on.

This dress is doubly special because it was also my mother’s wedding dress. It’s getting a little yellow, but is holding up pretty well. It was fun to see it on my daughter– doesn’t she look beautiful? As you can see, her little sisters were very impressed!

Now, to get a little more serious about that diet of mine…


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I bet it hits hard seeing her grow up tho. As much as we rejoice in our children growing and thriving, we still remember them as our babies.

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous, and I'll bet you were, too. One day soon she'll be wearing a wedding dress and getting married for real….*Sob* It's so hard to see them grow up and away. Happy and sad at the same time. 🙂

  3. Awww!!!

  4. She looks beautiful. How special to have her try that on.

    The Mother's Day tea sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. What a fun idea for a fashion show. She looks so beautiful–you must have had a lump in your throat seeing her in the dress.

  6. What a fun idea for a fashion show. She looks so beautiful–you must have had a lump in your throat seeing her in the dress.

  7. Did you get emotiional thinking about when she's wearing one for real? I did, and she's not even mine!

  8. Did you get emotiional thinking about when she’s wearing one for real? I did, and she’s not even mine!

  9. I can't wait for my daughters to try mine on. I wonder if any of them will want to wear it for their wedding. Your daughter is so lovely!

  10. Very pretty…..*sigh*
    I gotta go try mine on and see how much weight I've lost! So if I disappear I have entered a deep depression of no return! 🙂

  11. Hi from another Blogging Chick!

    I wouldn't even want to look at my wedding dress now – it would be too depressing!

    Your daughter is gorgeous!

  12. You may have changed my habit of first looking through the pictures and then going back to read the text. Whew!
    I thought there was to be a wedding very soon. Knowing this is a fashion show for a Tea is much more timely.

    Your daughter is beautiful, and caused a bit of a tremble in my lip for being so sentimental. It's gotta be the menopause hormones going into overdrive. Ah, no, other comments say the same thing.
    Her little sisters holding the train is so sweet.
    Have fun at the banquet. I didn't get to go to ours this year because it happened on the same evening as my night class at the community college. We make choices then have to carry through.

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    This was the only way I could get you are for some reason the adoption blog won't let me register.

  14. She looks so elegant!

  15. This makes me think about my girls, will they want to wear my dress that's stored away? I can't fit into anymore, either. boohoo

  16. She's beautiful! That must have brought tears to your eyes!

  17. She is gorgeous! Didn't your heart skip a beat seeing her dressed up in that gown?

  18. what a BEAUTIFUL dress!! 🙂

  19. This is so weird, because that dress looks SO MUCH like my dress, which was also my mother-in-law's…was your mother from the East Coast? My MIL was. Seriously, they look identical.
    Enjoy the tea!

  20. She is beautiful!

    Wouldn't dare take mine out of the box… too depressing!

  21. I had the opposite problem – when I was sixteen I tried on my mom's wedding dress, and I couldn't button it! I've been heavier than my mom since I was sixteen! Sigh.

  22. What a beautiful dress!! Do you think your daughters will wear it someday in their weddings?

  23. She looks a lot like you, doesn't she? Will she be wearing it down the aisle one day?

  24. What a beautiful dress.

  25. What a wonderful tradition. And your daughter looks so beautiful in it! Are you hoping she will be wearing it again when she gets married?

  26. The dress is a little stained… and of course who knows if it will fit when my girls end up getting married…we'll see, I guess..


  27. She looks so much like you!!!

    Love you blog…nice to "connect" with a mom with so many kids.

    (former member of ABRW)