45 minutes

So, after dashing off that last post, I headed out to the wilderness (er, my back yard) with my trusty helpers. The three year old was assigned to watch the baby near me, and the rest of kids and I tackled the flowerbed. We have a huge L-shaped flowerbed, one leg of which is about 30 feet long and the other leg of which is about 60 feet long, by 2 feet deep. In 45 short minutes we got HALF of that puppy weeded. It looks SOOO much better! Maybe it won’t be as hard as I thought to be ready for that party, especially if we all chip away at it for 45 minutes a day.

Note to self: more working, less whining, and never forget the awesome power of a huge family working together!


  1. Yay for you!!! I love weeding…I would so come over and help you and your kids. I am glad you got so much done!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a productive afternoon! I'm going to get my daughters involved with the front flower beds this Sunday. I'm so excited!!

  3. i loved reading your blog. i plan on coming back…

  4. glad that you got so much done in so little time…that is awesome!!

    I hate looking at my house/yard through other people's eyes…cuz then I see what I try so hard to ignore!!!

  5. Yes, many hands make light work! I'm so glad you made some headway!

  6. I'm glad you are making good progress! I have very good memories of weeding as a family, even though I probably complained a lot at the time!

  7. It will be fabulous– no matter what. As for the toys- I'm sure your nearest and dearest will have kids that want to play! We've been working on our yard the lst month– and sad news, looks like the house will be up for sale in the next couple weeks. *sigh* LOL!

  8. Wow, that's an awesome garden!! It's great when the kids help with stuff isn't it. It just makes everything run so much smoother!!

  9. Stacey, The crazy thing is, that is just the FLOWERBED! Our garden is gargantuan– 50 feet by about 80 feet. Thankfully my husband just tilled it, and there's no weeding to do there yet. Just wait til June, though!