Pieces Of My Day

I spent most of my ‘free’ time today sorting out the clothes in my little girls’ closet. They have wayyy too many clothes. After a final burst of cleaning at bedtime, I ended up getting their room and closet clean, and three Hefty bags of unneeded things heaped in the hallway to give away. How DO little girls get so many clothes anyway?

Another victory today, this one regarding Mr. Wired Jaw. NO weight loss in the week since he broke the jaw, AND he loved the cheddar cheese soup I made for supper. We had ours with sourdough bread and salad. He had his with a milkshake and a glass of grape juice. A success all the way around.

Plus, Perri shared some cool websites including this one: Ellen’s Broken Jaw Tips — so I actually have some things to try in the coming days. Thanks to everyone who posted!

A funny from Miss Three: tonight I was hunting in the cupboards for a spice and wondering aloud where it had been stashed. The 3 year old said, “Oh, I put it away, mommy, so it would be easy to find when I grow up.”

Umm, thanks.


  1. Yum–cheese soup.

    If you have any 2-3T girl clothes, I'd be glad to take them off your hands, if you don't already have someone to take them. I'll even pay ya. E-mail me from my blog.

  2. My daughter has a cousin and a good friend who are both two years older than her. They both also happen to be a similiar (skinny!!) build. So, we get all the WONDERFUL hand me downs. I buy her very little. She gets clothes AND shoes. She Loves it! And since both girls are either, only child, or only girl in family the clothes are generally in perfect condition.
    I appreciate such blessings. But it generally means I have to pull out bags of clothes she has grown out of a couple of times a year.

  3. Your three year old gave me my first smile of the day 🙂

  4. Your daughter cracks me up.

  5. Too many clothes? Well, a momma who buys two Easter dresses apiece might have a little something to do with it!
    Although as cute as your girlies are, I can fully understand clothing input.

    I was a tomboy from the getgo. My mom fought desperately to have me wearing frills and lace and shiny shoes.
    Willpower overcame fashion, and a small closet to share with my equally tomboy sister meant very few dresses over the years.

    Putting something away for later…hmm, the girl has much wisdom.