Genius Child

Tonight while attempting to feed my 17 month old a bottle and get her to sleep, she pulled the bottle away from her mouth, and said, “All done. No more dint (drink). Down.”

At 17 months. Aaaah. Where’s my baby?


  1. I'm so jealous! My 18 month old does not say a word. Not. a. word. Starting to get worried…

  2. Smart girl! The darling whose nanny I am is just her age and oh my word, it's a fun one.

  3. Shannon, I had an 18 month old like that too. I worried too– shouldn't have. These days she tests at the TIP top of the charts every time we do standardized testing. She's got plenty of brains–she's just choosy with her words.


  4. My son who will be two later this month is saying only a few words. I'm not worried. My older boy was a slower talker, the sisters tended to talk a lot earlier.
    My baby is almost 10 mo. In the last two weeks he has gone to being a blanket baby, to being a scrounger, from struggling with baby food to eating cheerios. He is growing up already. I so understand.

  5. What a great grin she has!

  6. Yeah my seventeen month old loves to talk! but all I hear is "mmmnnnnn errr ummm phum". Maybe I should have my ears checked! How's your son doing? How are you holding up? Hope it goes fast for you! Thinking of you…..

  7. How cute!!

  8. Oh, they grow up so fast. My 8 month old is sitting on my lap, and when he saw that ADORABLE picture of your little girl and her smile, he started laughing uncontrollably. He loves other kids, and apparently your daughter fits the bill.

  9. what a dolly!!!

    and I had one that didn't do any baby talk whatsoever…like no goo goo da da EVER….we were starting to get worried then at 17 mths she looked at me and said "pass me that" I was shocked and totally relieved….she just skipped the baby language all together and had a 3 word phrase! she is my most intelligant child…..although she has a completely different learning style then the others.

  10. sooo cute – they do grow up too fast!

    kids are just funny about talking some just do it sooner and more. my son came out talking!! By 18 months he had more well over a hundred words and would talk in little sentences like your daughter, but my my niece and nephews are way more quiet. It all works out in the end!!

    (But because my son is so unusally tall and talked so clearly (he never used baby talk – he just spoke like a little adult), people have always assumed he is much older than he is. Then they wonder why he is acting so "young"! When he was two I wanted to strap a sign on his back saying- "give me a break – I am only two!!" And I wasn't too fond of the dirty looks people would give me when they saw what they assumed was four year old running around in a diaper and with a bottle!LOL)

  11. Great shot!