Crimes Against Bratwurst

Today I violated the code of bratwurst. You know, the code that says it should be served on a bun, artfully decorated with just the right amounts of ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and relish? Yes, today, with the help of my trusty blender, I turned this

into this.

And my poor longsuffering jaw-wired-shut son pronounced it very good.


  1. EW! I don't think I could be in your son's shoes. He's very brave!

  2. Ooohh – that's just SCARY! Cudos to him for not crying about it.

  3. That's just gross. I am just imagining the next 6 weeks of these graphic images. It's like seeing the inside of your stomach. Did you put mustard in it?

  4. Um…ew. Just…EW!

  5. Ew Ick! I think you violated a ton of codes with that one. LOL!

  6. Actually, Heather, he REQUESTED this– PREFERRED it OVER tomato soup, believe it or not…

    Perri, no, I don't plan to share these graphic images for 6 weeks, (all readers breathe a sigh of relief in unison at this point!) LOL


  7. Wow. That's kind of nightmarish. I think you should write a cookbook when you get out of jail.

  8. awwww the brave little soul!!! glad he enjoyed it though, sounds like you got yourself a trouper!!

  9. Yum! Recipes are a common theme in some blogs. Somehow, I don't think "blender meals" are going to be heavily copied, though.

  10. Ewww….but hey if he likes it, that's what matters right?

    Hope he's doing good, been keeping you all in my prayers 🙂

  11. Mary, woohoo! I'll be sure to let Scott know that he like it! 😉

  12. OH, WOW…just….wow. OMGoodness that looks super scarey. Poor kid! This too, shall pass.