Just Call me Juicemom

Ever since I had some of the best juice ever in Ethiopia (orange/carrot and mango), I’ve been wanting a juicer of my very own. I decided that having a kid on a liquid diet for 6 weeks was as good a reason as any to finally make the purchase. We found one today, and this afternoon the little kids and I gave it a whirl. It was so much fun!

My 14 year old, bless his dear self, did not even flinch at the lovely brown shade that is orange-carrot-lemon-chard juice, pronounced it very good, and I was delighted at this easy way to get some veggies down him. Unfortunately I am now almost out of carrots, and I must make a trip to the store before I can experiment further with my new toy. Just wait till our garden gets going this summer!


  1. Oh hey! You'll have to try my son's smoothie recipe.

  2. Carrot and apples make a nice juice.

  3. You poor thing! What a week! Hopefully things will slow down a bit now.

  4. that's awesome! i'm totally jealous of your juicer!! your son is lucky; he'll get to sample all of your creations. 🙂

  5. Glad the surgery went well and was not as extensive as it could have been. He's been in my prayers.

  6. My dad was so into juicers. I think he bought a few over the years. The problem was that it is quite expensive if you are using fruit!! But we enjoyed the little juicer seasons when he was all excited about his new toy. Then we went back to frozen!LOL

  7. oh I really want to get one of those one day!! I love fresh juices!

  8. I love the photo: Mary in the throes of Gadget Joy.