Mother’s Love Writing Contest

Heather at Mom2Mom Connection is hosting the 1st annual Mom 2 Mom Connection Mother’s Love Writing Contest. The deadline is May 1st – visit Heather to get all the details.


  1. Thanks for your support for this contest! I'm enjoying seeing all the amazing ways people celebrate the awesome calling of motherhood.

  2. ARGH! I know the deadline is nearing! Just the word "mother" is hard for me to swallow, a little bit of difficulty in my past… I'm going to try to put something together for this contest, mostly as a personal challenge. But I'm dragging my feet to do it. Grrr… 😉

  3. I love all the pictures of your kids! Those were awesome. They all look alot like their mother.

  4. I've already checked it out and I think I'm going to enter!! Glad you reminded me!!

  5. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Your kids are too much! Loved all the lists. What a little HAM you have too.

  7. you have such adorable kids!!!

  8. Especially the "ham" with her 4 front teeth … so cute!