I Am From (#2)

This I Am From was written by my wonderful son who is only 11 years old. He initially said he couldn’t think of anything to write about, but then he took off and did an awesome job!

I am from sage brush and happy yellow dandelions growing where they are least wanted,
From oatmeal with ice cream and hand-me-down clothes.

I am from the white house with green trim and the sight of blue snow covered mountains.
I am from the crabgrass growing in flower beds and backyards,
the thorny rose bush with beautiful flowers and leaves.

I am from hamburgers and homemade french fries for Sunday lunches
From hazel eyes.
From talkative family members and quiet ones that keep to themselves and those who really can’t decide.
I am from the book-lovers and the beach-combers.

From holding your fork right and the Easter Bunny.
I am from a Lutheran church with purple cushioned pews and coat racks with wheels.
I’m from peanut butter and juice boxes.

From the trailer with the flip-down steps and small windows,
From my Dad, who likes going on camping trips,
and all the other relatives who went on the same roads before us.

I am from pictures in albums and pictures hanging on the wall of the stairs.
I am from a lot of other things as well, too many to put on 100 pieces of paper.


  1. Oh I am loving reading these, especially when they're from a young one! Tell him good job!

  2. These have been great to read, but so far, this is the best one I've come across. Tell him I love it!

  3. Great job for someone of any age, and especially from a 12-yr. old! 😉

    If I was homeschooling, I think I might assign this as a writing assignment every year, and compare both their writing progress, and how their maturity and outlook on their lives changes, too. Then you could maybe put them in a scrapbook and present it to them for graduation or another important milestone in their lives. Each individual post could be either handwritten or printed on pretty stationery and framed, too, as a lovely remembrance.

    As you might tell, I loved this writing project!! Thanks again for this one, Mary. 🙂

  4. Wonderful writing!! The phrase "blue snow covered mountains" caught my imagination – no mountains here on PEI but I'd love to see them someday! comgratulations to your boy for a well-written essay … from a fellow beach-comber and book-lover

  5. Your kids are so flipping cool, Mary. Really.

  6. I'm with Carol–this is the BEST one I've read. What a great guy you have there!

  7. What a gifted 11 year old you have! I am impressed!

  8. Wow!! I used to teach 6-9th grade and not many children could be so creative. I agree with Lauren your kids are so cool!

  9. Wonderful! You should be proud.

  10. Such creative writing from one so young! You must be proud!

  11. What visionary words – I could picture it clearly. He's a great writer.

    Love the picture of you and the girls. Such security they have with you – what a gift.

  12. wow! LOVE IT! he should be very proud of this.

  13. incredible! i hope you tell him that he has a ton of blogging women in awe…

  14. Please tell your son what a great job he did writing this.

  15. That was wonderful!

  16. That was great! As a mother of a 12 yr old boy, I'm amazed at not only his writing ability, but appreciation for the wonderful things in his life.

  17. Anonymous says:

    great job!!!
    Gonna have my kids do this today! 🙂

  18. Ok..that last post was me…but.. for some reason my info didn't show up! WEird. Blogger has been acting weird for 2 days… hmmm. Sorry.

  19. A beautiful writing! and please tell him so.

    When our oldest son was in 7th grade, he was given a similar writing assignment. He knew how to use the computer better than I did (this was 14 years ago, so classroom use was not expected), and typed up a beautiful essay.
    Neither of us parents saw it until later.
    When he got the paper returned, there was a comment saying something along the line of 'not having parents giving hints'. Apparently the teacher couldn't believe the kid had memories of his own and command of our language.
    According to Assessment Reports, our school district is in the top tier amongst the best in the state.
    Our son graduated in the Academic Big Twelve in his class, and went on to college with a Full Scholarship in Chemistry.
    However, there are times when I can really understand why parents homeschool their own youngsters.

  20. Wow, that was awesome!! Great job on making me understand where he was coming from!!

  21. That is awesome! What a good job he did! That is an excellent writing assignment.

  22. That's simply wonderful.

  23. Very, very good!!

  24. Oh my… I read this twice and cried both times. That was beautiful! I added both of your "I Am From" pieces to my list on my original post and finally (finally!) I added your blog to my blogroll (took me long enough, huh?). Please tell your son that he has a gift in expressing himself. Really, his piece was incredible–I could see it all in my mind and loved each image. … Debra

  25. How awesome! Good for him!

  26. wow what a great job!! love the perspective!!