Get Real Monday

Randi of I have to say wants to know what we do to relax and re-energize. For me, writing is MY fun time. I write on two blogs at the moment, this one and my Ethiopia Adoption Blog. I also have 2 new writing gigs in the works that I’ll be telling you more about, probably sometime in May.

I write early in the morning or late at night, usually while the baby is sleeping. But my recharge-time is rarely alone time. Here’s a recent picture of me writing with both little girls sacked out on me. I don’t always have two sleeping on me, but probably 80% of my writing is done with one kid sleeping on me.

I can type quite well one-handed, and I have a trackball mouse that is often resting on the sleeping baby as I click away. If she grows up to marry a computer techie who clicks away late into the night, it will probably suit her just fine, because I am almost sure that by now she finds the sound of a clicking keyboard to be sleep-inducing!


  1. How cozy you all look! I used to do transcription and my desk was in my 3 yr old's room. He usually had to fall asleep listening to the clicking on and off of my transcription machine. I don't know if he now finds the sound comforting or not. (BTW, I'm curious about your projects!)

  2. That is awesome.

  3. I love your picture! A portrait of a busy mom, for sure!

  4. So, so CUTE! 🙂 I love when they're that size — perfect for sleeping on Mommy. My five-year-old still wants to do this sometimes, but he's getting pretty heavy!

  5. I often have a cat or grandchild on my lap. My 7 yr old is getting heavy to hold and reach around. (I don't type well one handed!)
    ps your babies are precious

  6. what a sweet photo…you DO look relaxed….well, not as much as the kids do..

  7. how cute! a very similar sight here!

  8. Really precious picture.

  9. Sweet, SWEET photo!!

  10. Mary, I want to come live at your house!

  11. I have a 4 month old and she is always falling asleep in my arms of course, but my seven and three year old boys are not far behind. Typing with them has created a lot of misspellings, yet also a lot of creative posts.

  12. What a precious picture!

  13. Those girls look great, asleep in their mom's safe arms.

  14. That is soooo cute!!

  15. I LOVE that picture! It just seems like something you could frame and put on the wall with the word "SAFE" emblazoned beneath it.

    My kids rarely fall asleep on my anymore and I miss that.

  16. what another beautiful picture!!