Miss(ed) Manners

Often at mealtimes bigger kids help little ones at our house. They tie bibs, cut meat, and at times cajole them to not eat like savages.

I hadn’t really realized what a big role the 16 year old was playing in civilizing the 3 year old until this evening. The 16 year old went out to birthday dinner with the grandparents, leaving vacant her seat next to the 3 year old. The three year old looked at big sister’s empty chair and said, “Good thing she isn’t here. Now I can chew with my mouth open.”

She was crestfallen at the chorus of voices quickly informing her that not only the 16 year old disliked open-mouthed chewing.


  1. HA! HA! That's pretty funny!

  2. How cute.

  3. HA! That is great. Just gotta love some of the things the kiddos say!

  4. That is so cute!!! Thank goodness for big sisters to remind us of our manners!!

  5. Sounds exactly like our 16 year old! How funny!

  6. Clearly 16 is doing a fine job reminding 3 to use good manners! LOL

  7. LOL!!! That's hilarious!! 🙂

  8. oh my gosh, she is so wonderful i can't stand it. i love the things she says!!

  9. Shows great signs of parental raising!
    Found you through Sandra! Great blog! Kudos to you for raising so many children. I have 3 of my own, but most of the time my house is full of nieces and nephews (15 of them)and 5 godchildren.