A New Award

While judging my Monday Challenge, I decided my usual Golden Keyboard Award did not fit this contest and so I made a new award! Isn’t it cute?

It was so much fun to see into your homes and lives–thanks for letting me peek! Everyone came up with such fun stuff to show! Lying in bed this morning thinking about picking a winner, I had a picture of green jars in my head and I knew I had to pick Pink-Diamonds. As you can see, her post showed a ton of personality. And do notice the border on her page. It is just adorable!

Congrats, Pink-Diamonds! Email me and I will give you the code to put the award on your blog. (And this award will just be an occasional one, I think, not every week….) Thanks again to everyone who participated!!


  1. Oh wow! Thank you. I loved looking into everyones homes too.

  2. This contest is a great idea. Next time, can you make the time frame a little longer? I'd love to participate, but couldn't get it done before yesterday.