I’ve Been Googled

I’ve meant for awhile to share some of the funnny google searches that brought people to my blog, but one this morning was too funny not to share. Here, for your reading pleasure are my favorites since I started my blog, along with handy-dandy links to the posts that the searches found:

1.) “Retching threw up” — I apparently am #3 on the list for the unfortunate souls making inquiries along these lines. I also come up under ‘kid puke’. Yeah, that’s me– the vomit ‘go-to’ girl. How special.

2.) The grossest thing in a cigarette–I had forgotten this had ever been discussed on my blog, but it was fun to go back to read all the hilarious comments on this post!

3.)Mom gauchos— I’m # 2 for this search, though as some of you may remember, I have absolutely nothing good to say about gauchos, and don’t ever intend to let them near my already-wide-enough self. If gauchos die a quick and untimely death this fashion season, I’ll be more than happy. You can blame it on my blog.

4.) A search from which people have found me repetitively is regarding ‘good sheets‘. I realized after re-reading this post that since I wrote the post, my definition of good sheets has changed. I now have three simple criteria
Not holey.
Not puked on
Not peed on.

Sad, ain’t I?

5.) And finally, a search where my blog is #1– “who sings ‘I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor'” Maybe that’s why some days I feel like I don’t get a thing done around here! Then again it could be the two little ones who sometimes both decide to nap ON me at the same time!

This photo was from our trip. We were all worn out from playing on the beach.


  1. You can find both my sites by typing in 'pooptastrophe'!

    Family Circus is #1, and Hat trick is close to #5.

    If I have to regularly hose down the inside of my house with Clorox, it's worth it just to be Googled!

  2. It's always interesting to see some of the google searches that lead to my blog. Yours are rather comical.

    I love the picture too. 🙂

  3. Those searches are hilarious, esp. the boa constrictor one!

    And that pic of you and the girls is too, too precious. There's nothing like good cuddle time!

  4. That picture is soo cute

  5. What a sweet picture! I am curious to see what the google search phrases I would pull up on. Stumbled onto your blog from someone elses list of blogs to visit.

  6. How do you do the google search thing?

    I love the picture – you look so cozy tucked up together on the couch!

  7. I love the picture. Truly worth a thousand words.

  8. I noticed on my sitemeter the other day that I had been googled for "hog jowl"! I posted a photo of some I had fried because someone had asked about it after I mentioned cooking some for supper. Of all the things to come up on google search for, LOL. 🙂

    Do I spy a blankie there? So peaceful and sweet when everyone's sleeping… 🙂

  9. IslandSparrow– I have a SiteMeter counter on my blog and that's where I get the google info. I don't know if there is another way to do it.


  10. ok firstly…how do find out what you have been googled by???
    and 2nd…you have to excuse my Canadian ignorance…what is a gauchos???
    3rd love the pic of you and your little ones…too sweet

  11. Those are too funny!! I'm glad you shared those with us : )

    By the way, I've tagged you on my blog. Come check it out!!

    Love your blog!!

  12. These searches are HILARIOUS! It's pretty funny to see how folks come our way, eh? 😉

  13. Aw, shucks, looks like you have to take a nap too. You must have been devistated!

    AND THANK GOODNESS there is another person in this world that recognizes that gauchos really do nothing for the mom crowd (and precious few others, besides)

  14. My googles never turn out quite so interesting or funny. Glad you shared yours!! And love the pic!! So very peaceful!

  15. What a sweet picture! Snuggles with our kiddos is one of the best rewards of being a momma.

  16. Ah, I love that photo of you snuggling with your girls. Wonderful times…

  17. I love the picture of your babies sleeping on you. So sweet!