Monday Challenge

So here’s your challenge. Take three photos in your home that are reflections of YOU! What small items or small areas do you have in your home that makes your home your own? What shows your personality?

Post your photos with explanations on your blog by Tuesday evening and put the link in my comments section. Wednesday morning I’ll look at all the entries and choose one that I think shows the MOST personality or is the most interesting. I am already guessing this contest will be hard to judge! To give you an idea of what I have in mind, here are three areas of my home that I especially like.

First is my computer corner. I’ve had the computer next to the couch for awhile (my almost-laptop), but recently I had the idea to set my computer monitor on a basket that I bought in Ethiopia. It works great and looks neat, I think. I love the way having my computer in the center of the house lets me stay involved with my kids, even when I am busy writing.

The second photo is a little snippet of the wallpaper I have in my kids’ bathroom. I love all the colorful children in the wallpaper and I love that they are playing on the beach. I have had this wallpaper up for years, and it is getting a little tired in spots, but I can’t bear to think of replacing it because I still enjoy it so much.

The final photo shows some furniture I painted for my little girls’ room. The rocking chair was a wedding gift to my grandmother. She gave it to my mother, who gave it to me. I have vivid memories of my mother painting and recovering it, and I have done the same thing several times myself. The short dresser actually started life as a desk. My hubby cut a hole in the top to make me a sewing table. When we ran out of space for a table devoted to sewing, I was ready to toss it. But then my hubby had the brilliant idea to chop the desk part off, leaving a perfectly good dresser, which I painted for my girls. I painted the taller dresser (a hand-me-down from my childhood bedroom) to coordinate with the short dresser. If you didn’t already know by looking at my blog, I’m not afraid of color! These things make me smile!

So, put on your thinking caps! What can you show me to reflect YOU?


  1. I love the computer on the basket. Great pics!

  2. Computer on basket — too cool! Love how that looks and your reasoning behind it, too. We mommies must be at the hub of everything.

    Wallpaper — love this. It is fun and refreshing. I can see why you won't take it down.

    Dressers — Wow! I love these, too. You've given me a great idea for a dull dresser in my girls' room. Did you use semigloss wall paint, or what? We have an orange really similar to that, and I love bright — just like you : )

    Thanks so much for sharing these, Mary.

  3. I was so impressed, I decided to take the challenge for myself!

    It's up!

  4. I love it all! And, do you have orange walls?! Or just one wall that is orange- at least, it looks orange… 🙂 I must go look for pictures…

  5. I'll be posting mine tomorrow. Fun challenge, I'm excited to see the results.

  6. The wall in our living room below the chair rail is actually a deep brick red— burnt sienna, according to my mother in law. The official name of the color, believe it or not, is called "Owl's House." It comes out orange in pictures, I don't know why… I dislike the look in picture, but like the color very much 'in person'. grin…


  7. Oh, and Peach, yes, I used semigloss paint.

  8. I love your "computer table!" We ate injera and wat on a basket similar to that at the Fin Fin Restaurant in Ethiopia. That is the only place I remember eating around a basket table. They are soo cool and are perfect for sharing some delicious Ethiopian food! How was it getting that back to the States? We had a beautifully carved walking stick that got busted (we carried it with us most of the way, but towards the end had to check it…I was NOT very happy about that!). 🙁

  9. I love your basket!! I brought a few home from Kenya with me too….I don't still have them but I have a total love of baskets!!
    love the wall paper too, it has a special feel to it! I wouldn't want to take it down either… and the dressers…wow you are talented!!
    if I can get my camera working I will participate but will enjoy the game all the same!

  10. I participated, Mary:

  11. LOL at your "makeshift laptop."
    I don't have a digicam or a scanner, but I'll be watching along to see what people share. Fun idea!

  12. so fun- nice snapshots of you

  13. I love those photos!! Peeking into people's houses is so cool!!

    I am not at home or I would totally participate!

  14. Hi! I'm new to blogging but have been reading you for a little while. I wanted to join the fun. My three are up at

    thanks! Lana

  15. I have mine up as well. You actually helped me find my writing brain again. Thank you as it ran off a little while ago and I was unable to find it.

  16. I love it. I want to see the inside of your house now–all the color is fantastic. Doesn't surprise me at all–it just fits your personality, Mary!

  17. OK! I'm in! I love the wallpaper too! You need to frame some of it if you ever do decide to take it down.

    Here's my link:

  18. I love the girl's furniture. Way cute stuff!

  19. Oh my gosh!!! LOVE the painted furniture…come to my house and paint my little girls furniture!!!

  20. Mine is up!

  21. Thanks for stopping by, I took your challenge.

  22. Those are fun pictures, Mary. I love your use of color and imagination!

    Here are my pictures!

    Fun idea… I love it.

  23. Okay, Mary. I've joined in your challenge! This is way too revealing for me…

    Here is my link:

  24. Okay, here is my response to the challenge. I probably said more than I should have, but it is my honesty.

  25. Oh my goodness, those are so beautiful. I love each one of those pictures and the stories behind them!! You did a great job on the dresser and rocker. I love the colors!! I wish I would have gotten over here sooner to get in on the contest : )

  26. I love what you have done to the dressers! I'm hoping to do my girl's room soon and may copy your ideas! Sad, I missed the challenge…