Skipping Opinion Saturday..

And celebrating Easter instead. However I do have a fun game idea for Monday. If you’d like to play, be thinking of little items or small areas in your house that you especially enjoy and that most express your personality. I’ll give you more details on Monday…

Enjoy your celebration this weekend! Here are a few pictures of my little kids decorating eggs.


  1. Have a Wonderful Easter!!!

  2. Happy Easter!

  3. These are gorgeous faces! Thanks for sharing photos with us.

    Happy Easter to all of you.

  4. LOL Look at that smoochy face! Are you going to show us a photo of the colored eggs? My son and I colored eggs on Thursday and managed to get through it without spilling any dye — a first for us! ;^)

  5. What cute kids! I have adopted 2 sweethearts too.

  6. Your children are so beautiful!! I want to cover your little one in kisses.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. Okee dokee! I'll check back later today to see what you have up your sleeve. 😉

  8. Cute pics–your tiniest one makes the most adorable faces!

  9. I LOVE Baby's scrunchy face! 🙂 She is too cute!

  10. oh my your kids are SO cute…how do you handle it??!!