Well Equipped

Spent the morning at Quick Care with my 11 year old who (we think) broke his arm. The doc who looked at it thinks it is a ‘buckle’ break. We’re still waiting on the radiology report to confirm. But we were sent home with a handy-dandy arm splint, and he’s acting sore like someone with a broken arm might, so I am assuming it is so, darn it all.

Anyway, in the midst of waiting in the exam room, he was sitting up on the exam table. The one year old was playing with two certain metal contraptions at the foot of the exam table. The 11 year old pulled one out to examine it more closely, and said, “Look! This thing has cup holders!”

I guess I should bring a Coke next time I go in for my yearly exam.


  1. Oh no on the broken arm not a good time to be in a hot itchy cast heading into summer.

  2. That. Is. Hilarious!

  3. LOL! too funny! What'd the kiddo do to his arm?

  4. He tripped over something on the living room floor and fell really hard. He was carrying the baby at the time– I think it must have been their combined weight landing exactly wrong, darn it anyway…


  5. Ha! Only a child would look at those things and think they were cup holders! LOL

    I hope his arm isn't broken…poor kiddo.

  6. Oh my GOSH! That is the funniest thing I've read in ages.

  7. So sorry about your son's arm. The cupholder remark was too funny!
    Luckily for your blog, you won't ever forget it! Another great reason for blogging!

  8. Hey, at least he was thinking about the baby, and saved her at the expense of his arm. Bless his heart, hug and smooch him for me. 🙂

    Cupholders, huh? Wonder what they'd think some of the other equipment is? Like a speculum, for example, LOL. 😉

    I laughed at loud, and I'm still grinning like a possum. 🙂

  9. Lena, It's funny you said that. While we were waiting,the baby in her restlessness opened a drawer and– honest– grabbed at a speculum. I detached it from her grip and shut the drawer in time to save having to explain it to anyone…

  10. There was one time when my husband was working in a copy lab and one of the grad student/interns came in carrying a plastic gadget, just opening and closing it, and pretend pinching the other workers.
    He said he had gotten it from a booth on campus during a Health Awareness fair.

    Husband (being an old married man and father of three) examined the object and said it was a plastic one-time-use disposable speculum, and described its original purpose for women's exams.

    He said this very guy (who had been nuzzling everybody's necks giving quacky duck kisses) dropped it right onto the floor and wouldn't touch it again.
    The old man had to toss it into the trash, and the young guy was teased unmercifully for at least a week.

    We haven't laughed about that for quite awhile, even though it has become family lore.
    Thanks for nudging a memory.

    Here's hoping your son recuperates quickly from the accident!
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

  11. LOL I am so going to put my travel coffee mug in the "cup holder" next time I go just to see the doctor's reaction!!!

    Ugh about the arm, hope he feels better!!

  12. Aw, your poor kiddo took one for the baby, did he? Ouch!! Did he at least get a cool-looking cast? They come in such groovy colors these days. And he'll get to be a minor celebrity among his friends for a while. (Sorry, just looking for silver linings.) Give him an extra hug from me…

  13. Hope your boy is not too sore.

    I enjoyed the cupholder story!

  14. so cute. and practical!

    at my dr's office, they have little fabric footies over those stirrups. i don't know why. but last time i used them as socks because my feet were freezing!

  15. Talk about coincidence, or great minds think alike, or something along those lines. 🙂 How weird that I would throw that out there, and Little One actually grabbed for a speculum in the drawer. Spooky….Does this mean I'm psychic? Can I use this as one of my 6 weird things? LOL 😉

  16. That's too bad about his arm, my younger son had a buckle break near his wrist one time, too. It was also a case of falling in the living room, specifically his big sister falling on top of him, that did it! Hope your guy feels better soon.

    And omg, that is SO funny about the cup holders!! Classic!!!