Only 24 Hours….

My second-graders have been begging relentlessly for pets of their own– nevermind that we already own 4 birds, 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 2 horses. They wanted something they could name and hug of their own.

Since last fall was the biggest mouse-house-invasion of all our years in the country, we have been leaning towards kittens. So when I saw free kittens in the paper yesterday, off we went to investigate. We came back with these:

Say it together with me: awwwww! Their names are Fluffy and Trouble. The boys have been in bliss, stroking and cuddling and carrying and trying to keep the kitties from fighting each other. (We tried to tell them it was just playing, but they are not happy when the kitties get to scuffling. Now they have an inkling of how *I* feel trying to break up their scuffles!)

Anyway, all was blissful. Until. The First Accident. The kitties are currently residing in the laundry room, and had been outside at their old home, so were unfamiliar with the kitty ‘facilities’. We were optimistic when we saw that at least one of them had figured out what the litter box was for.

But then this afternoon we found evidence suggesting they were not yet potty-trained after all. I armed the boys with damp paper towels and a garbage can and told them to go to it. With many exclamations of ‘gross!’, they set to work.

I thought all was well. Then suddenly I heard a shout, and i saw one of the boys racing to the bathroom with his hand over his mouth. Yes. Apparently a two-inch piece of poop so overcame him that he vomited. Right there. On the poop.

Apparently there are down sides to cat ownership.


  1. New kittens and new couches the same week! Golly, are you brave!
    Although the aaww Adorable helps a whole bunch.

    And after horses, the boy heaves over kitty droppings? Never a dull moment at your house.
    Ever so grateful that you write and tell us all about it. I'm going to leave with a big grin on my face.

  2. Those are keeeeyute boys, and kittens too.

  3. That made me laugh out loud. You have to feel sorry for them, but at the same time its part of life to learn about that sort of thing. Cute boys and cute kittens. Great combination!

  4. That is SOOO funny (I would have vomitted, too…I have a weak stomach–not the greatest thing for a mom of almost 7)!!!

    The cats and their new owners are super cute! 🙂

  5. First thing I thought was oh no the pretty couches.

    Very cute kittens and owners!

  6. Oh, that had me laughing out loud. I've had my moments with a weak stomach too. I hope the kittens settle into this litter box thing, quickly. 🙂

  7. The kittens are going to be outside cats in a few weeks. They are only entering the living room with the new couches IN people's arms! Hopefully that will safeguard my couches!


  8. I always enjoy seeing kitty pictures!
    Cleaning the litter box is the least favorite part of having a cat!

  9. awww the boys and kittens are sooo adorable!! LOL! great life lesson on the not so litter trained!

  10. I had to laugh out loud at this one! Had to muffle it, too, as my 18yr daughter is trying to sleep beside me here. LOL 🙂

    But with pets, part of the responsibility is cleaning up after them. This will be a good learning experience for them.

    Awwwwwwww……for the boys AND the kittens. 🙂

  11. My girls were perusing the blogs with me and saw this post. They are so jealous! We have a dog, but the 6 yr old has been asking for a horse for three years. We don't have room for one. The 8 yr old wants a kitty, or at least an elephant. We definitely don't have room for that!
    BTW love your blog and your new couches!

  12. LOL poor kids have a weak stomach.

    At least you know training the cats will be a LOT easier than house training a dog right? LOL

    Thanks for sharing your daily life with us 🙂

  13. heehee. that's really funny.

    adorable pictures!!!!!!

  14. Such sweet little boy grins and cute kitties too

  15. the only thing worse than kitten poo is kitten poo under kid vomit. oh, but those cats are cute!!