Songs– The Winner Is…

You guys submitted SO many fun songs! I’ve just spent an embarrassingly long time checking out the websites you pointed me towards and listening to the songs. Points-wise, At A Hen’s Pace was the winner, with 16 points. She She gets to be on my sidebar for the rest of the week. Second was Carol of She Lives with 13.

I’m giving a couple other awards just for fun though.

FUNNIEST is “Rawhide” (submitted by Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer). My kids and I were cracking up imagining her singing this while herding her kids out the door. How appropriate.

MOST BEAUTIFUL was one I already knew but had forgotten about: “Morning has Broken” submitted by Jenn.

And just for fun I wanted to share a few of the songs I sing with my kids.

I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground
My Grandfather’s Clock (here’s the MP3 )
Peter Pan – Following The Leader (I sing this one when we go for walks–I’m usually heard way at the back of the pack)

Thanks again, everyone! This was so much fun!


  1. You'll have to put them all together in a big post for everyone to read, in all your spare time, right? 🙂

    I have to say, all day today I've been thinking of you every time I burst into stupid songs with my kiddos. I just started singing Men at Work's "Land Down Under" when I was retrieving my daughter's bear from the bottom of the bed.

  2. Oh, HOORAY! I'm funniest! You just made my week!

  3. Oh my goodness–I WON?? How did that happen? It must have been the Christian Cowboy song that put me over the top. What a hoot.

    Very fun contest–I'm so honored to be able to announce that I won it…tomorrow! I gotta get to bed tonight.



  4. It was really fun to go through all of the songs! Good material to share with my boys, too! 😉

  5. Yes, the Rawhide one was too funny. (Although we'd sing the Walmart Rawhide commercial version for fun when we are headed to Walmart!)

  6. That was a fun challenge. I came across a lot of oldies from childhood that I hadn't thought of in ages. So fun!