From Our Funny Girl

My 3 year old calls these (are you ready?)–

-these are her Clipperd Slipperds!!


  1. That's GOOD! I love it what little kids say! My two year old has slippers featuring Blue's Clues. She calls them Bwoos Kwoos Foos (Blue's Clues Shoes). Out of the mouths of babes…

  2. Love it! They come up with the coolest things !

  3. Love two year olds! And three…and four…and five….and………….

    🙂 Diane

  4. I love all the cute names my grandkids give to their things. I find myself referring to those things in the same way they do!

  5. Blairzoo says:

    So cute! My little guy had a pair of Clifford water shoes when he was 3. He called them " Kifford, the red, big dog" shoes. I loved it…so sweet.

  6. Awwwwww.

  7. Awweee! Sooo cute!!!

  8. one of my favoite things in the world is hearing the "isms" that my daughters come up with!! so adorable!!

  9. That is too cute! I had a friend who's little boy called powdered sugar "showderd pugar".

  10. CA-UUTE!
    When my kids were little (not that they're all that big yet, but still), I always wore those flat, white tennies–like Keds or Vans. Anyway, when one of my girls was 4-ish, and we were shopping at a discount shoe place, she pointed to some cute little white tennies in her size and said, "Ooh, can I have some Mommy Shoes?"

  11. How cute!
    I love when my two year old daughter asks me, "Mommy, can I hold you?"

  12. too cute!

  13. I lost the infected post. What do I do?? My weekend has been nuts and then I went on my little shoe box about Christians who abuse thier kids in the name of Christ. Little things like that. Let me know what to do…. 🙂

  14. :-)!!! That is so funny!

  15. That is soooo cute, I love the things they come up with

  16. Oh, that is just adorable!!!

  17. I'm throwing up. Right now. Because it's too cute.