How do you drive 4 boys and a baby batty? Force them to go shoe-shopping with their mother. Who happens to be shopping only for herself. And is feeling very indecisive. And is trailed by the only happy kid in the bunch– a barefoot delighted 3 year old trying on every shoe in sight, nevermind that every shoe in sight is a size 8. Ladies size 8.

Just call her Imelda.

Or maybe that should be my name, since I prevailed against the afore-mentioned overwhelming odds and– gasp– bought two pair!


  1. wtg mom….on the shoes and the kid-torture.

  2. I am loving your new shoes!

    You have quite an incredible blog here. Thanks for dropping by my place so that I could make my way over here!

  3. I like the brown ones 😉

    I don't think I remember the last time I sucessfully shoe shopped. *gasp*

  4. My daughters (7 & 9) have recently developed an interest in shoes, so now they actually ask me to go shoe shopping.

    It's not a total win-win situation, though – now they've started giving me their opinion on the shoes I'm buying, "No, mom. Those are just plain weird."

    Everyody's a critic.

  5. I like them!

  6. The shoes with the blue laces are so nice!
    I wouldn't be able to pull off the wearing of them, though. I wear a 7WW, with a very narrow heel. Little sneakers like those don't style very well at all. Sigh.

    Your 3 year old daughter is quite a fashionista girlie. Being glad to go shopping is beyond my understanding.

  7. Fun shoes, especially the sandals. You are a very brave mama, and I am thrilled you "prevailed". It's great to see the mama get something new, too!

  8. They are so cute!

  9. Those shoes are amazing!! Great choice!! hehe! I drive my husband insane the same way, by bringing him and my toddler!

  10. Shoes are good. Very. Very. Good.

  11. Shoe shopping, ahhhh.

    Glad you found TWO pairs, double the fun. Very cute!

  12. You know what my famous saying is???


    Just like that. Loud, obnoxious, and in all caps.

    And if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!

  13. Oh! I like your tennies! Very cute!

  14. Oh! I like your tennies! Very cute!

  15. Oh, I love both pairs, but especially the sneakers with the blue laces. So fun!

    thanks for visiting my site last week — I'm just now making it over. I thought about commenting on the music post, but I'm not sure I could have thought of anything new! 😉