Should I Be Concerned…

…that my keyboard has this message on it this morning?

(I think it’s a milk splatter…)


  1. 🙂

    How in the world did you get that close up?

  2. That is hilarious. And seriously, 8 children. God bless you!

    Thanks for visiting my place – better late than never 🙂

  3. Eight kids–I started to say that would make me crazy, but people already know I am, because I have been teaching in a disciplinary program for 8 years! Love your site!

  4. Kim, I have a camera with a macro feature. It's that Canon A610 that I was blogging about a few weeks ago. It is awesome!! I love it!


  5. LOL. Multiple times.

  6. Hey! You've got a good eye. I probably wouldn't have caught that! And yes, thongs on dolls. It shocked me, too! Thanks for dropping by 😉

  7. No! It's a "sign"! The keyboard is crying out for you. (Tee hee!)

    I'm with Izzy, you have a good eye. I don't know if I would have noticed a little spot like that, amidst all of my other office paperwork… 😉

  8. Now that is hilarious! And the fact that you caught that before it got worn off it amazing!