Perfect Post

Today I get to be part of a really fun project, cooked up by MommaK of Petroville and Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil. Sometimes while blog-surfing you happen upon a post that makes you laugh. Or cry. Maybe you find yourself thinking about it for days afterward. Maybe it even inspires you to be a better person. You want to share the post with everyone you know- but how? That’s where the Perfect Post Awards come in.

A Perfect Post

Near the start of each new month, participants will give out the award to their favorite post written by another blogger during the preceding month. The “winners” receive a cool Perfect Post button for that month, which they can put on their sites if they wish.

For the month of March, here is my perfect post:

I just happened across Sarah’s blog recently. This post of hers about mothering definitely personifies some of the most inspiring blogging out there! Go see her and tell her what you think! And check out Petroville or Suburban Turmoil for a complete list of perfect posts for March!


  1. I agree. Sarah's post WAS a perfect post.

  2. Outstanding posts!


  3. How sweet of you to do!! Always wonderful to see people giving out the appreciation!

  4. Brilliant post. Thanks for introducing me to a great blog!

  5. that is cool! love the button thing!

  6. I agree. Wonderful post.