Not cat-like enough last night…

Must’ve let my guard down and actually fallen asleep, darn it anyway. The sheets are now in the wash, as are my PJ’s and the baby’s PJ’s. Also spent another partial night on the couch. Here’s hoping kiddo gets better soon. She’s been a real crank. In the meantime, a picture of her on a better day for your viewing enjoyment— she’s clutching the lamp she broke just a few days later. (Oh, and I SOOO ordered the shirt.)


  1. You daughter so so beautiful. We have also had the pukes here is my story.We were having fellowship night at our house at 6;00 the house was spotless by 5:30 at 5:40 my three year old puokes all oever the floor and all over my baby.yuck puke all over the both of them. sick sick sick.
    I almost barfd myself but ha dto much on my mind.Hope your daughter is felling better soon.

  2. Sooo sorry, Char! That's just awful!

  3. awww cutie pa-tootie!

  4. Is she not the most beautiful girl ever?! Hope she feels better soon. Sending some sane Mommy vibes and lots of prayer for you

  5. Precious.

    So glad you ordered the shirt. Make sure you post pics of yourself wearing it once it gets there.

  6. And by the time they really wear you down, they get better and find their ENERGY! And wear you down more… 😉

  7. Yechhhh. Get well prayers headed your way!

  8. She is so cute – she has the prettiest eyes – maybe we'll have to go with Ethiopia(sp?) next adoption =) Have to convince husband of #2 FIRST!! Just starting #1. Jennifer

  9. Just found your blog, hoping to catch up soon. Sorry about the pukes, reminds me when four of my kids got the chicken pox one at a time, which the youngest getting them twice and myself too! I don't think I left the house for over 2 months!

  10. Sorry y'all are still sick. Praying for ya.

  11. that is THE cutest little face. You are one blessed mommy.

  12. Oh, what a sweetie pie!! I look at her and think what fun it must be to hear her laugh… Hoping your family is feeling better today…and thanks so much for your comments at my blog these last few days! It's so lovely to know that such a busy–and blessed-mom is reading what I write… God bless… Debra

  13. Look at how cute she is! Do you think she was planning the lamps demise when you took this pic? 😉

  14. Oh my goodness!! What a little doll!! Hope you're all well soon!

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