What’s With The Owl?

This afternoon my 3 year old found this stuffed owl tucked into a drawer in my room.

“What’s he doing in here?” she asked, appalled. “Can I have him?”

When I told her she could, she snatched the owl happily from the drawer and started to carry it out of my room.

At the doorway she paused. ” Is he a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know… what do you think?” I asked.

She peered into the owl’s face. “I think he’s a girl,” she declared, and bounced off happily to play with him/her.

Speaking of owls, did I ever tell ya where my name came from? We live out in the country, on a rocky hillside. We have owls, burrowing owls, who build their nests in the rocks and swoop around hunting for mice in our horse pasture in the evenings. When I FIRST got online back around around 1996, just after we moved out to our ‘haven’ in the country, that’s the screen name I came up with. So tell me, when did YOU first get online? And, you know what? I’d love to hear from some lurkers too, OK?


  1. Hey, Mary,
    Believe it or not, I just got online November 11, 2005. I know the exact date because I wrote it on a post-it note and stuck it to my monitor. πŸ™‚
    Now I don't know what I would do without my puter and my blogfriends :)) (Double chins! LOL)

  2. Hi Mary! I have been reading your blog for a month or more now, love to read your adoption stories…I myself was adopted so it always really blesses me hearing of it in others lives.
    Blogging started for me late last summer, and I had only learned of blogs a little more than 1 year ago…a little behind here. πŸ˜‰
    I wanted to tell you we moved last June to a place where we see more owls…large white ones most often, yet the other night my dh was outside and he said something VERY large flew overhead and was making a loud chirping sound. I thought maybe it was something after the little dog in our yard. The next day he happened to have a job for a man who works with birds of prey and he suggested it was a Great-Horned Owl, and that he may well have been after the pup. Pretty wild! Owls are fascinating creatures.

  3. I was online back during the monochrome screen, dial-up bulletin board servers. Back when you had to teach yourself a new code just to navigate other's "posting". Things sure have come a LONG way since then. I think my Palm has more memory than my first computer did, too.

    I started selling my junk on eBay back in 1997, I think. Back when it was just gaining popularity. I could still probably post my old books for sale now, but the eBay market is much more flooded, I might not make as much moola.

    My blog title came from my own Chaotic Heart. I have reserved another blog, "The Happy Home", but I think I'm going to give that one up, soon. Boring name. Even if we find peace and order in this home, it will only be through God's grace. πŸ˜‰

  4. I got online in 1996 also, thanks to a work acquaintance who had started Microtimes and wanted to start a second magazine about the Web. When he first described the Web to me, he was on fire about how one could actually look up Club Med ONLINE and I was all, "Why would I want to look up Club Med?" ;^) But I wound up editing the new magazine and the rest is history…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a lurker. πŸ™‚ I love your site as we are considering adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We're still in the prayer and research stage but I am prayerfully so excited!!! Your blogs have been such an inspiration and comfort to me as we start this journey.

    Anyway, I first got online in 2003 (late bloomer technology-wise).

  6. I disovered online in 1998. And I have been hooked ever since πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, Mary! I first got online in early 1993, when I was in grad school. I spent a few years offline after I graduated, but returned for good in 1999.

  8. Glad to know that! I've always wondered where that name came from. I've been online since 1995.

  9. Me too. Thanks for clearing up the mystery of your sweet screen name. I've been online since 1995, too. My web-surfing has gotten more sophisticated as time passed. I think I've hit the ceiling now with all the wonderful blogs I frequent — yours being one of my faves.

  10. I just started Blogging in Feb.? I love the blog thing and am thoroughly addicted! I came up with Gigglin' and Screamin' from the movie's name Kickin' and Screamin' and also this kids book that talks about having a lot of yelling, laughing, fighting, dancing, screaming, snoring…. That's us! So our name basically sums up my household! Thanks for the the rest of the story! I wondered how you got your name!

  11. I first got online back in 1996. I still remember the wonderful sound of the screeching modem signalling that you were about to surf the net, at an amazing SLOW speed LOL

    I got online and my first experience was with online chat. I don't know what I was thinking. BUT, that is where I met my husband. We've been together since then and married for 8 years. So something good definitely came out of it.:)

  12. Online since 1995. Started blogging last year.

    I'm so glad you explained your blog's name, I had just been wondering about that. So sweet.

  13. Well…..ver-rr-r-r-r-ry interesting! Thanks

    I have been a blogger for two months now–and am not sure if I can live without starting my day with all my blogging friends! Actually–I have to redefine (and refocus) on balance! It's addictive!

    I love hearing why people named their blogs…what they named them. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Started online in 1996. Only started blogging beginning of 2006… it took me 10 years.

    So, owlhaven is because you live in "owl haven". Fun to know where that name came from. I've always wondered…

  15. I've been online since 1997, but didn't start my blog till late last year.
    Loved your story about the owls. We have a whole family of owls who live in the palm trees next door to us. I love their sound at night!

  16. I've been online since at least 1995, and started my first blog in 2001, then took a 4-year hiatus, and started up again in October 2005. It's a pretty good break from the dirty-diaper reality that is my life. πŸ™‚

    And my screen name is in reference to a cartoon character. Has to do with my last name, too.

  17. Your screen name is cool. Especially now that I know how it came about.

    Love all the photos too.

    I married my high-school sweetheart too !

  18. I just found your blog recently–and I've checked in on it daily since.

    I have been online since college–I guess about 1994-1995. I started my blog a little over a year ago.

  19. Hmmm … I first came on line in 1994 or 1995, but didn't start blogging on my own blog until 2004 — still as GiBee, but under a different blog… It was called Infertile Meanderings, because we were in the throws of batteling infertility… Now I'm on line as Kisses of Sunshine, because God has blessed us with a child so precious, he is like kisses of sunshine! My heart warms everytime I look at him!

    As for GiBee — Gi is for the first two initials of my first name, B for the first initial of my last name, and I added ee to make BEE, because the Bee is living proof that God does still make miracles! The bee is technically too heavy to fly with it's tiny wings… but God made it to fly! And fly, it does!

  20. i'm glad you told us about your blog's name! so interesting.

    i have been online since 1997, but started blogging last year.

    was there another question? hopefully not.

  21. De-lurking to say that I read your blog everyday and really enjoy it!

    We've been online since…hmmm…about '98. Still have dial-up, tho, livin' out here in the boonies.


  22. Hi there.

    I have been online, hmmmm, for around six years. Was scared to death of it at first, but became very attached to it. LOL

    My user name for obvious reasons. I am a mother of 7 boys, eight if you count their father.

  23. Thankfulmom says:

    I've been lurking, but really just enjoying learning. My husband and I are prayerfully considering adopting two little boys from Ethiopia. Our seven children love the idea!

    I've been online since 1995, but do not have a blog. My screen name is somewhat obvious, Thankfulmom, I'm tremendously thankful to God for being so kind to me and giving me the incredible children I have. My husband (also my high school sweetheart) and I have been blessed with four daughters and three sons. Our cup runneth over.

  24. I got online for the first time late 1995 (December) and went crazy from there. That was also when we started our first adoption.

  25. Okay I feel dumb admitting it but I totally thought your last name was Owlhaven! πŸ™‚

  26. Anonymous says:

    I got online for the first time in 1993, the year I started grad school. There were bulletin boards and chat rooms, but I mostly hooked into our university's network of listservs and stuff. I was on America Online before most people even knew what it was because my husband hooked us up. I would have had no idea how to do it. ;o) I haven't been on AOL in years, but I've been online ever since!


  27. Anonymous says:

    i am such a lurker..sorry…i am a new mom to a 10 month old…and somehow got connected to your blog through another blog i read. i just got into reading blogs about 2 months ago. anyway…i love your writing and read your adoption blog too…even though i am not in the process of adopting. i got "on line" really around 1998…this is such an interesting question…b/c it amazes me how different my baby's life will be than mine just given what we can access on line etc…what will it be like for our kids when they reach their 30's.

  28. Carla, I have dial-up too. The down side of living out in the boonies with the owls!


  29. I just started the end of Dec. We only got high-speed in Oct and it's impossible to blog (well almost…) with dial-up.

    And guess what?? A laptop is in the mail on its way to me…blogging heaven!!

  30. I got online for real in 1999 after my hubby's ex drove me off the edge. I went searching for online step-parenting advice. I became the Mom of all Trades when I decided to start up a blog because, I.do.it.all. Hubby is gone a lot these days and I'm SAHM, help run current biz, help him with new biz, work at home some, homeschool, etc, etc, etc.