A Tad Tight?

The one year old was watching pictures on the screen saver of my computer. She was pointing at various pictures, naming the names of her siblings, etc. Then we came to a picture of her, pony-tailed and adorable.

“Oh, cute baby!” I cooed.

She pointed accusingly at a ponytail in the picture and had only only word to say.



  1. Oh poor baby… does she say that when she's also wearing them and having them put in or did she just reveal something "secret"? Too funny…

  2. She fusses a little when I put them in, but doesn't usually fuss after that. So maybe she was just remembering getting them put in…

  3. Oh, how cute! Sweet! Adorable!

  4. She's precious. I love the little pony tails!

  5. My 13 yr old daughter is reading blogs with me tonight and as soon as she saw this picture, she cried, "Ooooooohhh, so CUUUUUUTE! I want one!"

  6. hehe I put pigtails in for my toddler, I am sure she would have the same opinion!

  7. She is so sweet, painful pigtails and all.

  8. LOL

  9. Thanks for visiting my blogspot. What an adorable little girl! Boy, I can definitely remember "owie's" with hair. I used to hate having my hair brushed as a child. What a sweetie you have!