Mommy’s Lost Her Marbles

This morning I was racing out the door at the unholy hour of 8:45 a.m. to get the two youngest to a doctor’s appointment. Breakfast, if you can call it that, was jelly toast in the car. So as to not totally destroy the little girls’ clothes, we stuck bibs on them after we got them buckled into the carseats.

A few minutes into the car ride, the three year old said, “Here, mommy, I’m all done.”

Thinking she was handing me the rest of her uneaten toast and not wanting her to be hungry at the doctor’s office, I said, “No, honey, eat it.”

There was a long silence in the back seat. Then she said in tones of disbelief, “Eat my bib?”


  1. How cute!

  2. I heard that bibs are pretty tasty 🙂

  3. Oh great!! Now your're gonna have to start all over and try to earn your credibility again. Telling her to eat her bib! Oh, it's because you had to get out of the house by 8:45, that just messed you all up didn't it. Totally kidding btw…

    Cute story.

  4. Bibs are high in fiber.

  5. well, at least it had jelly on it. hehe.

  6. Heh-heh. I had to laugh when you said 'the unholy hour'. When my sons were the age of your children, I made sure to never schedule any appointment until at least 10am.
    My mother-in-law said I should get up earlier any time we had to be somewhere, but it just wasn't the way my body works. Which is why I became a stay-at-home mom in the first place!

  7. So sweet . . . literally!

  8. very sweet 🙂

  9. yum, cloth or plastic?

  10. This made me laugh. You mean you don't use edible bibs?? ;^)

  11. What kind of a mom are you? Making your child eat their bib? Just totally kidding.. That sounds so like something that would happen here!! *sigh*

  12. Hey, love your blog. That is funny. Kids (and moms) can be so funny!

  13. What a sweet child!


  14. Thanks for visiting!

    Things I would have done differently??? Quite honestly, after asking myself that question many different times..and ways….the ONLY thing that I wish I had learned sooner….is to PRAY first…act second! During my son's teen years…when the difficulty started….I often would react first…and then think about praying on day 2 or day 3! I think I could have prepared my heart better….had I surrendered to God…earlier. I know I would have felt more peace in the midst of the storms…had I done just that. Oh–I prayed…in a casual sort of way, "Lord, show ME what to do,"…but it is giving our children completely to Him…to DO as He sees fit….that is the answer!

    One thing that we have never done…is detach completely. I am so glad we disregarded any professional or friendly advise to do just that. We have been able to keep the heartstrings attached….so that he knows…that no matter what…no matter when….we are waiting for his return.

    I will be posting on the wonderful week we just spent with him…he joined us for our Spring Break trip…and GOD has been working on him (Now that I've learned to remove my tight grip from him…So God can work with him!).

    Thanks for asking!


  15. Thanks for visiting my site. Love yours. I love the banner on the top. 8 children !?! You are amazing. And you DO NOT look old enought to have on in college. Wow!
    I have you bookmarked, I'll be visiting regularly.

    I don't eat bibs, but I hear there good for chewing on. Hehe

  16. My little one has taken to chewing on his. He seems to love the velcro thingies. I hope he's just teething!

  17. LOL she must have been wondering why you would want her to eat it 🙂

  18. 8:45!!!! Woman! How *DO* you do it?! You are my new hero.

  19. You made me laugh.;)have a great weekend

  20. Mmmmm. Sweet, sweet, bib.

  21. At least she didn't try to eat it. That would be a good one to explain to the doctor. "Well you see doc, a funny thing happened on the way to the office…"

    And thanks for visiting. I'm not sure if I want to thank you for enjoying the pix of my butt though…

  22. That is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh!

  23. Oh, so funny! I can just imagine that little voice. 🙂

  24. Ok – you got me – I laughed out loud. Way too cute. I can hear the trust and confusion in her voice.

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