Word of the Day

My 1 year old is learning to speak so fast! She learns a new word every day or so. Today’s word, naming the animal on the front cover of one of her favorite books was: “Bummy!”


  1. The daycare center where I worked had that book! We wore out two copies, what with all the little hands learning about texture.

  2. So fun to see them saying new words. J doesn't. She grunts, screams, whines and shreiks to get what she needs. *sigh* LOL I love kid-ism's, so I'll share on with you too, my 5 year old still says "Hippy-toes". It's too cute to correct, so, shhhhhh, don't tell her. 😉

  3. Awww, I miss those days!

  4. Hey, I gave my son that book when he was a baby and he still has it! We loved to rub the bunny fur on our faces. ;^) I love the way kids pronounce things at first. What a fun stage you're in! We have a book of alphabetical produce, and my son used to say "waddylemon" for "watermelon," and "cucubumber" for "cucumber." The best, though, was when he said "hockey mama" for "jicama." I know I'll remember that one forever. 🙂

  5. Ah bummy, that's cute. I was at Queen Beth's blog and I saw your cute picture in the comments. I love the picture, you look so pretty! And I look the new site design. It looks fantastic!

  6. I love those books! James, however, is not quite as in love with them. We are still working on that whole sensory issues thing.

  7. We have that same book–all of my kids love the baby gorilla!