Thursday Thirteen 3-23

13 Things In My Purse (+ bonus material)
I saw a question about the contents of people’s bags
over at the Paper Napkin: and thought I’d play along.
So here’s what’s in my purse this evening.

1. Checkbook, driver’s license and credit card
2. Cell phone and sunglasses
3. 3 pens
4. One diaper
5. Ziplock of baby wipes
6. Bib
7. Little toy person and truck
8. 3 chapsticks (one missing a lid)
9. 3 lotions
10. Ziplock with a few Cheerios in it
11. Assorted hair doodads (none matching)
12. Kleenex
13. 2 ancient cinnamon candies

Nope, not one penny of money. The tooth fairy
cleaned me out the other night!
So, anyone wanna show me what’s in your bag?
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  1. Oh, this is GREAT! I'm afraid of what I'd find in my purse. Super picture, though!

    My T13 is up now, too. 😉

  2. Hey, meant to say yesterday that I like your new design!

  3. cute, cute list! I enjoyed that. Seems that I'm ancient right now after reading what's in your purse…I used to carry a baggie full of moist wipes…for my now grown kids!!! Long long time ago.

    My T 13 is up.

  4. that's too funny. I was cleaning out old purses to give away and found so much "mommy" stuff I had to laugh.


  5. Love the topper! As for my purse– a lot of the same things– no baby stuff (cheerios, diapers) but I do have wipes in there! 🙂 Happy TT!

  6. I wish I had room for all of that in my purse! My TT is up now too.

  7. Here is what I have in my purse! My TT is up

  8. My first visit to your site and your thirteen! That's definitely a mom purse! 🙂

    My list is up

  9. I think you have my purse!!!!

  10. When will I be able to travel without diapers, when?

  11. My purse is so disorganized. i still use a diaper bag most of the time though.

    My TT is up

  12. Wow. I'm afraid my purse has more in it… and I'm only a mother of one 😉

    I love that you put the picture with it. I'm so nosy!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Oooh…I'll have to keep that purse one in mind for next week…hmm…

  14. That is great! I am going to have to remember that when I cannot come up with a thirteen idea.

    Your purse looks like mine.

    My Thursday Thirteen are up.

  15. Lot's of stuff, but shouldn't it be 2 check book registers? 🙂

    My TT is up!

  16. Oh and I like your new header.

  17. hilarious — i did a thurs. 13 on this a few weeks ago; STRANGE the things i found, i've got no kids so you'd think the situation would be more under control. but no. 🙂
    my 13 are up.

  18. I'm so scared to go into my purse, yikes

    Really great TT!

    Mine are up!

  19. I did that several weeks ago and found out that many people carry a purse so small that it will only hold their driver's license and a pack of gum.

  20. I used to carry a baggy full of cheerios with me in my right pocket as well as various small toys.

    When my boys were small I lugged a diaper bag around that was really my one time I got to have a purse.

    My 13 is busy sorting out its stuff over at

  21. I feel like my purse is almost finally all mine – at last! No more diapers! Maybe a few hair bows or beads… definitely chapstick with teeth marks in it. Probably should keep some wipes in there… Okay, maybe it's not mine!

  22. Well your purse is clean! I won't show mine because it is scary! Rocks, dirt, chewed gum, hair… Okay I won't embarass myself anymore!

  23. My purse is not as bad now my youngest is four but it is still pretty bad lol.
    My TT is finally up, see if you can guess the answer 🙂

  24. much much cleaner than my purse — heck any of my purses

  25. I just cleaned mine out and with the exceptions of the baby items…my baby is almost 4….it sounds pretty much the same!!! although it is still missing the nail clippers that my hubby always bugs me to carry with me!!

    my TT is up

  26. No baby items in mine! And tonight I just spent my bookstore gift card I'd been carrying with me since Christmas.

    My TT are up.