From Deep In The Salt Mines..

Spoken earnestly by my 7 year old today: “I’m going to DIE from all this work.”

What was he being asked to do, you ask? Clean up 10 toys in the living room and empty half the dishwasher.

With all that grindingly hard slave labor, it’s a wonder any of my kids have survived.


  1. Mary,
    You need me to whip out some of my growing up in rural Arkansas stories? I can stun 'em or bore 'em to tears in 3 minutes flat!!

    Work? Tired? He don't know nuthin' 'bout no stinkin' work!! LOL

    My 18yr daughter can't say I make up all my hard-luck stories, because I have 4 sisters with good memories, but she does roll her eyes and heave a sigh when I go off on a tangent about her being spoiled compared to my life growing up. 😉

    Ah, youth!! 🙂

  2. what a cutie. it's all about perception, huh?

  3. Eh, cheer up kid. Probably the meat overdose will kill you before the work does.

  4. Ha! Aren't 7 year old boys the funniest things ever?! 🙂

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Yes I still hear deep sighs from my 15 yr old when she is asked to tidy her room or empty the dishwasher…

  6. oh i so relate to this! LOL!

  7. that made me laugh out loud. out of the mouth's of babes…

  8. He'd fit RIGHT IN at my house!