Puttin’ on The Dog

A few updates from the Owlhaven:

–Once again we have an honest-to-goodness check register of our very own. It only took me an hour to refigure the last month’s worth of banking. See if I ever toss old bills into the fire again.

–I spent FOUR whole dollars and got new washclothes . Now I’m fixed to entertain any company that sees fit to show up. Seeing how nice washclothes are essential to decent entertaining and all. The kids and I have been jokingly gasping anytime anyone uses an “Angelina Jolie” washcloth on the baby. Even took a purty picture for ya. Of course, with your household being so much more sophisticated than mine, you probably regularly look upon new washclothes. (My hubby said I wasn’t allowed to take a picture of the old ones. Yeah.. they were that bad.)

— In a further attempt to stop being such miserable skinflints, we got a new doorknob for the kitchen door. Seeing how it barely opened any more, we decided it was time. ‘That door knob was only 13 years old’, screamed my tightwad self as we prepared to toss it. But then I remembered a year of ‘knobbing’ at our house is probably equivalent to 4 years at a normal house. Kinda like dog years, ya know…

–And in a ridiculous bout of utter extravagance, I got Easter dresses for my little girls! Why ridiculous, you ask? Well, actually I bought… umm.. two sets of Easter dresses for them. Found some– loved ’em— bought them. Then a few days later found some I liked even better and bought them too. No, I’m NOT returning either set, thanks for asking. Fortunately we also have a wedding to go to in April, so I kinda have an excuse for the extravagance. Kinda.

Oh, and I discovered AFTER I got the above dresses home that they are DRY CLEAN ONLY. We’re talkin’ Easter dresses here, gals…. Ah, well. They’ll only be this little once and they look soooo cute.

So what’s the most extravagant thing you’ve done lately?


  1. The dresses are beautiful. As are your girls. (All of them; and these two are just little dolls! Wow!)

    I think it's worth it. *If* (ha ha ha) they get anything on them at Easter, maybe you could try those "dryell" (??) dry cleaning sheets for your dryer. Must be much cheaper than dry cleaning. (Of course, the chemicals in them scare me…maybe just donate them after Easter? 🙂

  2. Absoultely adorable girls! I will have to adopt if we ever hope to have girls…

    Extravagent? I just paid to have my blog redesigned.

    OH! And I spent $40 on a pair of jeans. That might not be much to some folks, but it was for me. High note? They are seven7 jeans, normally WAY more expensive. I feel so "cool" when I have them on. Pretty silly, eh? But they FIT. 😉

  3. The Easter dresses arre beautiful. Fun!

  4. How can you restrain yourself when you have such pretty little girls to dress up?!

    My oldest daughter (11) won't play "dress up" with me anymore, so I have another reason to look forward to bringing home our new baby girl at the end of this month. Easter Dresses!

  5. Oh, they are precious! The girls, I mean. Not that the washcloths aren't. Blogger was bad to me too–my blog was unaccessable for over 12 hours! Now it's back but I strongly suspect my posts are not showing as new. I had the same feeling of a hand over my mouth–now I've got several things in Drafts so as not to overwhelm by publishing all at once.

  6. I saw those dresses at Costco! In fact, I also fell in love with them and bought…ahem…5 of them! One was for my daughter, who also already had an Easter outfit, which I won't be taking back either. 🙂 The rest are birthday and baby shower presents.

  7. Let's see.
    In the last two days, my receipts have been for a new wiper blade for son's car, and fuel for two cars. Necessity for driving.
    Groceries. Although I did put a new blueberry scone mix into the cart. For which I had a coupon.
    Something I didn't really need is two balls of cotton crochet thread to be making a graduation gift. I have a big plastic bin full of crochet supplies behind the couch.

    Nothing nearly as much fun as choosing Easter dresses for pretty little daughters.

  8. I bought a "Hurley" t-shirt at Costco for $12 today and gave it to my 15 y. o. son. I don't usually buy more than the bare minimum at Costco, and I'm not one for impulsive clothes purchases.

    But Hurley on "Lost" is our favorite.

  9. Shana, You make me feel better! Maybe one of them will work for your baby too!


  10. the dresses are SO CUTE on your girls. love it.
    yeah, blogger was straight up NOT WORKING for me. eh, it's back now at least.

  11. Evil blogger struck at my abode, too. See above post, LOL.

    Most extravagant thing I have splurged on lately? New bras and underwear. Mary, think about your old wash cloths……..Yeah, some of them are that bad, and as properly ordained Mamas, you know you should NEVER wear holey underwear……..

    What if you're hit by a bus, or have to be taken to the Emergency Room for whatever reason?!? The shame, the social disgrace, the total UNCOOLNESS for your teenagers,–for Mom to be found with holey drawers, LOL.

    It was getting chancey for me to go out, girls ;). Odds were against me for my number coming up in the holey underwear category. Now I just have to make sure I have un-holey ones clean before I go out, another problem altogether…..altogether…hee hee.

  12. I just blogged about my extravagance. I have to look at it as a "grandma" thing. After all, it is my first grandbaby and my mind was going wild.

    Your girls are so beautiful – no matter what they are wearing. Love the dresses.

  13. The dresses are adorable as are the little girls. Loved the line, "But then I remembered a year of 'knobbing' at our house is probably equivalent to 4 years at a normal house." Love your sense of humor.