Thursday 13 Again

Thirteen Kitchen Tools I Can’t be Without

1. Rice cooker
3. Electric skillet big enough to do
a dozen grilled cheese at once.
4. Garlic press- Zyliss, I think
5. Microwave
7. 4 slice toaster (I need a new one– mine has
two settings right now- anemic and carbonize.)
8. Blender– big
9. Noodle maker –I could do without it, but it is fun!
10. Pizza cutter– great for kids’ pancakes and waffles too
11. Wok
12. A couple of really good knives
13. People to help me with dishes after I cook!!
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  1. My favourite kitchen gizmo is my husband ROTFL
    ( btw our dog is called Gizmo )
    hey you never left me a comment you so excited to try the code you forgot LOL
    Have a great week !! I sure am 🙂

  2. number 13… absolutely! And boy do you have plenty to choose from… here it's me or Jacob. No fun.

    I love kitchen gadgets!

    Thanks for stopping by my 13. Enjoy the autolink 😉

  3. I am with Wendy, lol! my husband does the cooking, I collect kitchen goodies! Zyliss is a wonderful brand name for many goodies! I love your new template, warm colors, beautiful! my TT is up, thanks for dropping by! (don't you love the auto-link?)

  4. commenting 'cause you like 'em…I do too!
    My TT is up and you are linked

  5. Your #13 is a personal fave, and I have a couple of other gadgets I love.

    My cast iron, goes without saying.

    My good knives from my Mama.

    A big slotted strainer thingy called a Kitchamajig.
    No joke. I have 2, one was my Mama's, and one I bought 20 years ago, right after I got married. I haven't seen one in a store in a long time, have no idea if you can even buy them anymore. I love mine,and dread the day they give up the ghost.

  6. My sister keeps telling me to get a rice cooker. All I eat is pasta, she wants me to have rice on the side

    my favorite gizmo is the phone to order in or someone to cook for me.

    Liked through Kimmy. my tt is up

  7. When I clicked on your blog, my eyes zeroed in on this line: "A couple of really good knives" and I was disturbed. Then I read the rest and my world was right again.

  8. I'm lost without my pizza cutter. Fun list!

  9. My 4-slice toaster gets quite a workout–we would be waiting around for days if we still had a 2-slice!

  10. I so covet a noodle maker.. it was on my Christmas list- he forgot, maybe this year… 🙂

  11. My favorite kitchen gizmo is my Coco-Motion machine; it makes delicious hot chocolate within minutes. It's awesome. My TT is up.

  12. I never thought about using the pizza cutter for pancakes!

    You know what else is awesome – is the quesadilla maker. I love ours! You can do all sorts of stuff on it. 🙂

    My TT is up too – have a great day!

  13. AHHHH – the pizza cutter for pancakes! What a great idea! I'm nothing with out my 99 cent Ikea metal garlic press.

  14. Love the thought of an electric skillet that big! Wish I had one.

    My very first 13 list is up. Now do I go link you?

  15. I couldn't live without any of those. Great list! My Thursday 13 is up!

  16. I absolutely CAN'T live w/o my cast iron, need to buy more.

    You make your own soy milk? I'm intrigued. Is it easy?

    My T13 is up, and I'll link yours if that's okay. 😉

  17. Ahh I do love my iron skillet. I think between my iron skillet and my ceramic knif I can do anything!

    My Thursday Thirteen are up

  18. Okay this is going to be a hard one considering I'm NOT any good in the kitchen and have only a few gadgets…

    1. Um, I need one. ~grin~

    2. LOVE mine.

    3. Ahhh, Need it.

    4. I buy the pre-crushed cause I'm lazy and SO not gourmet. I bet your way is better. I'm so shameful. ~sigh~

    10. Love this tool.

    13. LOL, YES! I concur.

    I'm thinking I could also use someone to do the actually cooking.

  19. My big crock pot! I love that thing!

    Mine are up.


  20. fun list;
    i'm DYING to get a rice maker. 🙂 someday…..
    my 13 are also up. 🙂

  21. Virenda– I'd love a personalchef too! Momma M– the soy milk is super easy. soak the soybeans 1/2 a day. Then add a scoop of beans into a little compartment of the machine, add water to the 'fill' line, plug it in, and 10 minutes later you have almost half a gallon of soy milk. We have milk allergies in our family and before I got the soy milk machine we wer spending so much on soy milk it was crazy.


  22. You go girl….love my machinery. My T13 is up.

  23. A fuse in my microwave blew up once and I had a crisis. Amazing how dependent I am on that thing.

  24. I love kitchen gadgets. I just don't know how any of them work. ;D

  25. Anonymous says:

    oh i love rice cookers!!

  26. sorry. that was me!

  27. Thanks for coming by my 13. My favorite kitchen appliances are my blender and my coffee maker which is one of those that doesn't have a decanter. You put your cup under the spout and push it in and it dispenses the coffee. So cool.

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