In The Laundry Room

Hey y’all! I am Laundry Room Mom # 23 over at Mommy Life‘s contest. Go see!


  1. you are so cute! i was over there earlier, and as the picture loaded i thought, 'hey! i know those kids!'

  2. Hi There! I noticed your comment over at the "Spirit of Adoption" blog, so I decided to come over and visit you. Congratulations on having such beautiful family! I am an adoptive mom, too – I have two girls, adopted at birth, who are 15 and almost 18. I read your post on your other blog about rude commnets. Hmmm – I get that, too. One of my girls is biracial. The insensitivity of people still astounds me. Anyway, I hope to get to know you better. I have my own personal blog, plus I write for an e-zine, located at, with the focus on being "chosen" as my kid's mom.

  3. Great pic!

  4. OOOO… I'm going to head over there right now!!

  5. Cute picture, cute family!