Throwing Up, Throwing Out, and other Randomness

Plague Update:
#1– Recovered. PTL
#4– Achy
#5– Suspiciously tearful but not obviously ill. Yet.
#6–Spindly and still throwing up, but no fever.
#7–Achy and droopy
#8–Feverish and fretful


No Thursday Thirteen today, unless ya wanna hear the 13 places my kids have….nah, didn’t think so.

In other news, I made a ‘Sprite’ run to Walmart last evening with the 1, 3 and 18 yr olds. Got all sidetracked on Easter dresses for the little girls. Since it was 45 minutes before bedtime, my one year old was cranky with my slow progress through the store (AND she was getting sick, which I didn’t yet know) . Got the needed groceries (except for the Sprite, darn it anyway!)

In the baby department the one year old decided she enjoyed throwing items out of the cart. She tossed, I returned stuff, trying to stick things in the BACK of the cart where she couldn’t reach. I was looking for underwear for the 3 year old. 4’s are getting small. 6’s are going to be a bit big, but ah well. Discovered the toddler dept did not have size 6 underwear.

Off to the girls department we went, leaving a trail of tossed items, which my 18 year old kept helping me retrieve. Stern ‘no’ s were not being heeded, 1 year old was really getting cranky, and I was just trying to avert tantrums at that point. I handed her my keys, hoping for two minute’s peace to select the underwear. 3 year old says, “My shoe fell off.” Look down. She ‘s lost BOTH shoes, not one, and neither is within 20 feet of the cart. Why, I wonder, did she not mention the lost shoe as soon as it fell off?

Finally, around the corner, we spot the shoes. Head back to the underwear. 3 yr old starts dancing and whining for the bathroom (aparently the sight of all that underwear did her in). 18 year old takes her while I complete my search for underwear.

The selection of underwear at Walmart is truly mind-boggling: bikini, hipster, brief, colored, white, print, each of which comes in 6 different sizes. (Side note: I hate the way an 8 pack of underwear has 4 cute patterns at the front of the package, hiding the 4 boring white pairs at the back of the package!) Finally I made my choice (patterned, briefs, size 6) and headed over to meet my 18 and 3 year olds.

First thing out of the 18 year old’s mouth was, “Where are the keys?” Drat it. I’d forgotten I was going to keep an eye on them.. Apparently my one year old had tossed them too. Back we race to the underwear, retracing our steps and looking on the floor the whole way. 3 yr old lags behind at several points because she’s lost a shoe again. Find the shoe. No keys though. Retrace steps again. Nothing.

Finally we spot a sales clerk restocking in ladies. Yup. She found the keys and brought them to customer service. Hooray! 18yo goes to stand in line there while I stand in line at the checkout. And a couple hundred dollars later we head out of the store (WITH KEYS– HOORAY) to load groceries and kids in our van in pouring rain. Finally GO HOME– where of course the first thing out of spindly 7 year old’s mouth is, “Where is my Sprite?”

Dig thru fridge and find part of a liter of strawberry kiwi pop, which I had been resisting giving him due to the food coloring. But the poor kid has hardly had anything all day and he wants pop, so he’s getting it. I’m NOT going back to the store. I’m all worn out. Hmm…am I coming down with the plague now too? Please, no……


  1. I hope you don't get sick too, and that if you do, it will be very short-lived. It's so hard to avoid it, especially if you're the chief cleaner-upper. I was going about praying and asking God to please spare me so I could be strong for the children. I did get it, but only threw up once, so that's not too bad.

    I like your blog and web site. My aunt adopted seven children after her first three were almost grown.

  2. Bless your heart, I have one, 18yrs, a daughter, and I am truly blessed to have her. I can only imagine all the love and hugs in your house. I'll bet your older ones help with the younger ones, like it was in our family of 5 sisters. It's good practice for them, for when their little ones come along. God love you, I am praying for ya'll, and I put ya'll on our prayer list at church last night, too. Keep us posted on the progress of the creeping crud.

    As for the template, it really doesn't matter to me, but if pressed to decide, I suppose I like the new one better. I look past most of that to the actual posts, so it is not an issue with me.

  3. Oh no! I just hate that, getting home from the store and realizing I forgot the one thing I went for. Praying for health for your crew, and for you too!

  4. Hope everyone gets better soon.

  5. How many time have I went to the store for something and came back with everything but what I went to get? Many times. Many times. I hope everyone feels better soon. Get some Sprite, that may help. 😉

  6. That has happened to us–baby throws keys out of basket, but in our case, they were never to be seen again. Horrible. Hubs had to leave an important meeting to take me home.

  7. I have discovered the magical fizzy stomach-ache aid of all time: Goya brand Ginger Beer…. now mind you, the strong is very strong tasting, and very ginger-y (due to its real ginger), but a few sips can real settle the stomach like magic!

  8. Don't you know moms aren't allowed to get sick? I know I read that in the mommy manual. Hope your chickadees are all feeling 100% very soon! 🙂

  9. oh, Mary! Family illnesses AND a big Wal Mart trip…? That's too much. (I hate the way they package underwear too. so misleading.)

  10. Prayers for rest and health!!

  11. Oh wow! Sounds somewhat familiar with the "lost shoes"….and wondering why you are just now being told!!! We just had Rotavirus a few wks ago at our house….that was AWFUL! I'm so sorry you were facing similar illnesses…it's so wearing…

    but your post was quite humorous and gave me a good humored…empathetic giggle!