People Ask The Rudest Things..

Joining Chris and Carmen for Large Family Wednesday again. This week’s topic is comments from strangers. With a clan this big and this diverse, I definitely get a lot of ’em. But in writing, I realized that the most shocking zingers are all adoption-related, so I decided to post this over on my other blog. And I have to add, as dumb as some of these questions are, my kids are worth any number of questions asked. I just wish people would THINK before they start grilling me!


  1. You know, women like you impress me. To take on these kind of tasks it is amzaing to me 🙂

  2. All I would think if I saw your family is "Bless You". Thank you for taking those babies because you love them.

  3. Large families are awesome! Infertility and money issues will limit ours, but my aunt has 10 kids. I say, go large families!

  4. People can be so rude. I have gotten so many comments on my sons speacial needs that were so rude. If they are honest questions I usually try not to answer rude but if they are rude and especially if they say something in front of my kids I tend to be rude back.

  5. FANTASTIC. Oh, I hope you really do respond that way, because the rude people seriously need some education.

    I live in Oklahoma, as does a friend who has a child adopted from a foreign country. When nosy strangers ask "where is she from?" my friend looks at them as if they're a little crazy and says, "Oh, we're all from Oklahoma." And if they push and say, "No, I mean, where is from ORIGINALLY from," my friend answers, "Well, we're originally from Kansas, but we've been here a few years." I love it.

  6. We get the same thing. I wanted to tell you a funny story. we were eating at a very nice restaraunt, when a young man who works there came up and told us that he grew up in Ethiopia and he would be happpy to translate for us anytime. The baby was a newborn at the time! I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was born in the US or the obvious (to most) that he would speak english anyway. It was cute. We laughed later.

  7. what a great post. i love how you support your kids' privacy with those answers.