Jaws Of Steel

Why, when a toddler has, say, a marble or maybe a rock in her mouth does it take the equivalent of a crowbar to get the thing out of the kids mouth? But when she has a nice messy thing like a chocolate chip in her mouth, why then must she take it repeatedly in and out, examining it, fondly fingering it, drooling copiously, and generally sliming everything the mother was silly enough to leave in her reach? Or is this only my kid?


  1. thats when the plugging the nose technique comes in handy… well.. atleast it works with an autistic child very fond of eating rocks!

  2. Were you spying on my house today? LOL?

  3. No, you're not special…….It's a universal kid thing. 🙂

    While you're seeking answers to this puzzle, also please try to solve a mystery for me, if you would: Why do all the vulgar, negative, hateful, hurtful things just roll off the little darling's tongues, but it's like pulling teeth to get them to say things like: "I love you", "Thank You", "You look nice, Mom", and my favorite, "What can I do to help, Mom?"

    In the wider view, there are much worse things for them to have in their mouths than rocks, marbles, candy, etc. My only chick is 18 going on 30, and my biggest problem with her is her mouth.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, and please come back and visit anytime. Make yourself at home, and welcome. I look forward to getting to know you.

  4. Definitely NOT only your kid. If you determine this answer to this question, you know where to find me.

  5. very well said. that's exactly how Kid Mouths work!

  6. Good question, i have always wondered this too!

  7. So funny! When my son was little, he liked to take a swig of milk and just hold it in his mouth for ages. I finally started prompting him to say, "Happy birthday, Doctor Jim," (his pediatrician at the time — dunno how I picked that) as a way to get him to swallow (before talking). I sorta wonder if you were trying to take the chocolate chip out of your kiddo's mouth, if she would clamp her jaw shut — maybe it happens only with things Mommy wants OUT? ;^)

  8. Glad to know my kid is not the only one that has jaws of steel when it comes to getting the rocks out, or pennies, or marbles, or pop tops, or marker caps.