Honesty…Really The Best Policy?

My 3 year old had some candy in a bag, which she offered to grandpa.

“Oh, no,” said grandpa teasingly, “if I eat that my belly will get fat like yours.”

My 3 year old gave his waistline a discerning look. “It already is fat!” she told him quickly.


  1. i hope he laughed! my 5 yr old told his grandfather he needed extra stregth rogaine. i just wanted to swat him!

  2. Oh, you bet! He's a really great sport!

  3. When my youngest daughter was about 2, she looked at her grandmother and asked why she had such OLD hands? My mother-in-law was only about 47 at the time. She laughed, but she still brings it up! ;D

  4. OH that is priceless! LOve it!

  5. my cousin was sitting on his uncle's lap when we has a toddler, and patted my uncle's belly and proudly announced to all of us "BABY!"

  6. Go Emily!!

  7. Hey, you can't beat that kind of honesty. ;^) When we were outside a restaurant some weeks ago, we saw some elderly folks walking with a walker and a cane. My son happily exclaimed, "Hey, look! OLD PEOPLE!" and I wanted to pretend he was with someone else. ;^)