The Twilight Zone

(Cue weird music: dee-der, dee-der, dee-der— come on, you know you remember it!)

Strange happenings I have to report. First of all, this morning at our home, the mother of the family was seem making breakfast BEFORE 8 am. Groggily arising children were visibly shocked to see their mother so functional so early. One child even said, ‘Why are we eating supper so late?” Why this oddness? A combination of guilt and necessity. You see, the oldest children are having their standardized testing this week, and needing to get out the door by 8. Yesterday the mom, doing her usual s-l-o-w awakening routine, forced the poor things to head off for arduous testing on cold cereal alone. Guilt consumed her all morning. Thus the eggs and toast at the ungodly hour this morning. Yawn.

The second twilight zone event occurred when mom ventured into the pantry to find a quart of cottage cheese happily molding on the pantry shelf. Guess that’s what happens when you tell 7 year olds to put away groceries and then don’t inspect the work. $3 wasted. Kinda negates the $1 mom paid for 3 pounds of apples shopping wisely last night. Darn.

And finally, a news heading from my own mother’s hometown to round out the twilight zone of weirdness. Admittedly this is the weirdest of all. What could this mom have been thinking? You will see if you read the article that I’m using the term mom very loosely in this context . Gotta remember this on the days I start telling myself I’m a ‘bad’ mom for serving kids cold cereal for breakfast. At least I don’t knowingly drive my children into gun-battles….


  1. I could totally here the Twilight Zone theme and the TZ guy reading your post.

    Creepy news article. Why do people think they can have children only to mistreat them? Give them to people who really want them.

    Wendy directed me here today!

  2. Wendy sent me here this A.M. How wonderful of you to be cooking eggs at that ungodly hour! (lol) But cereal is good, too…I don't think you are a bad Mom, at all!