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Even Sicker. The Indie Virus

Shannon from Rocks in my Dryer has infected me with The Indie Virus . Here’s the deal, in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere.

Pearsonified has started a small, casual social experiment. It’s called “The Indie Virus.” Here’s how Pearsonified describes this experiment: The experiment, henceforth referred to as “The Indie Virus,” has two goals:

* To bring exposure to lesser known blogs (especially those outside of Technorati’s top 100)

* To explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign launched by the “little guys” (less popular blogs) “

Reading back on the original site, I think you are supposed to link the words ‘The Indie Virus” directly to the weblink of the people you want to infect. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it is how the original guy did his example.)

So here’s who I am infecting. ( Click on the link AFTER their name to get to their page).
–KDubs now has The Indie Virus. She was one of my first regular commenters when I started my blog in January.
–Kate of the Tate School now has The Indie Virus. I loved her Thursday Thirteen this week.
— MamaD at the Tales of MamaD also has The Indie Virus. She is a new mom who reminds me of my first days of motherhood 17 years ago.

So, gals, go tag someone yourself!!

Sooooooo sick

Baby gave me her bug. Poor me. Nuff said.

Perfect Post

Today I get to be part of a really fun project, cooked up by MommaK of Petroville and Lucinda of Suburban Turmoil. Sometimes while blog-surfing you happen upon a post that makes you laugh. Or cry. Maybe you find yourself thinking about it for days afterward. Maybe it even inspires you to be a better person. You want to share the post with everyone you know- but how? That’s where the Perfect Post Awards come in.

A Perfect Post

Near the start of each new month, participants will give out the award to their favorite post written by another blogger during the preceding month. The “winners” receive a cool Perfect Post button for that month, which they can put on their sites if they wish.

For the month of March, here is my perfect post:

I just happened across Sarah’s blog recently. This post of hers about mothering definitely personifies some of the most inspiring blogging out there! Go see her and tell her what you think! And check out Petroville or Suburban Turmoil for a complete list of perfect posts for March!

Thursday Thirteen-March 30th

Thirteen Things On My Calendar This Spring
1.My step-sister’s wedding
2. Three dozen or so baseball practices
3. About 18 baseball games
4. My daughter’s 16th birthday
5. My 18 year old’s Junior-Senior banquet
6. A trip to the ocean– we’re renting a beach house!
7. My 18 year old’s GRADUATION!!
8. A Mother-Daughter tea at church
9. My son’s 8th birthday
10. My daughter’s 4th birthday
11.Choir concert for 3 of my kids
12. College orientation meeting for my 18 yr old
13. Delivery day for our couches?????
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Dishwasher Roulette

We have a new game at our house, called dishwasher roulette. You see, our dishwasher’s teeny tiny brain has gone fritzy. Every 2nd or 5th (or 9th) time you hit the ‘on’ button, it functions perfectly and runs a load without a hiccup.

But between times it does one of two things. Either it makes herky-lerky threatening stop-and-start sounds, demanding that you turn it off and start it again, which feat requires an unknown number of button pushes.

Or it pretends to start, making all the proper sounds for exactly as long as it takes for you to feel encouraged and wander off to do something else. Then it quietly quits, only to be discovered when it is opened after the next meal by someone commissioned to dispatch a towering heap of dishes.

It has gotten bad enough that children have at times been required (gasp) to actually wash a whole meal’s worth of dishes BY HAND. You cannot imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth that goes on when that decree goes out.

At moments like these, children can be seen standing imploringly in front of the beast, futilely pushing buttons and trying to convince their resolute mother that NOW certainly the dishwasher truly means business and WILL actually get through this cycle.

We might have actually replaced the thing by now, except for the fact that this dishwasher is clever. Fiendishly so. It seems to sense when we are getting fed up enough with it to send it to the dump, and THEN it runs 3 or 4 or 6 cycles flawlessly, leaving us ridiculously hopefully that it has somehow self-healed the glitch in its teeny tiny brain. But once we have relaxed, it is back to its old roulette-wheel tricks.

So, if ever you come over and see one of my children kneeling before the stainless steel beast, hands clasped imploringly– know that the dish-tower has reached epic proportions. Mom has once again decreed that the dishes must be done by hand. And now the child is doing all in his power to coax the blasted beast to work, so as to avoid that most dreaded threat of all–dishpan hands.

Not cat-like enough last night…

Must’ve let my guard down and actually fallen asleep, darn it anyway. The sheets are now in the wash, as are my PJ’s and the baby’s PJ’s. Also spent another partial night on the couch. Here’s hoping kiddo gets better soon. She’s been a real crank. In the meantime, a picture of her on a better day for your viewing enjoyment— she’s clutching the lamp she broke just a few days later. (Oh, and I SOOO ordered the shirt.)

Why I Was In The Tub At 3:30 AM…..

Warning: If you happen to be eating, you may want to save this post til later. And those of you who are not moms or medics– flee now while you still can!

Queasy types all gone? Good.

Yesterday evening I put lovely clean new sheets on the bed. As I slipped gratefully into the nicely made bed at bedtime, I thought, “Oh, I sure hope the baby’s diaper doesn’t leak all over the sheets tonight.”


Around 3 am the baby started crying and making alarming sounds in her throat. My first thought– true confession — was of my immaculate sheets. Instinct kicked in. I leaped, catlike, out of the bed over the three year old (who had also migrated in for a cuddling), dragging the baby with me.

I made it to within 3 steps of the easy-clean bathroom vinyl when she erupted in puke all over both of us. So close and yet so far. Sitting down on the floor so as not to trail it all the way to the bathroom, I hollered for my hubby to turn on the light and get me a towel.

Then I faced the dreaded dilemma– who do I strip first? Pure revulsion kicked in and I started peeling my own clothes off, thinking gratefully of Daring Young Mom’s: Save Yourselves! post.

Hubby brought me a washcloth to wipe us both down as much as possible, then accepted the towel and both our PJ’s to bring to the laundry room where he did … something with them…put them in the washer, I hope, though I didn’t actually check on that, come to think of it.

Shivering and clad only in my undies, I wiped the carpet with the baby crying pitifully next to me. Yup. Big fun.

Unfortunately she and I both still reeked, even after the wipedown, so the only thing to do was a bath, which surprisingly felt very very nice despite the unholy hour. Until the baby tooted in the water, making me fear for our cleanliness again. Thankfully it turned out to be just toots.

Hubby laid PJ’s out in the bathroom for the baby and went back to bed. Baby and I soaked for a good half-hour. She felt so bad that she was all cuddly, just resting on my chest and looking at me. Finally I decided we MUST get out. Got dressed and sat by the fire rocking for half an hour or so to let our hair dry.

She kept retching off and on, and I was STILL afraid for the sheets, so I opted to sleep the rest of the night out on the couch with her. (The new couches STILL haven’t come and I decided I’d much rather have her puke on my heading-out-the-door couch than my bed. )

As it turned out we made it through the rest of the night without incident. Today she is still droopy and cuddly but has had some ice and part of a bottle without vomiting again, so I am hoping she is on the mend. This has been the slowest-moving flu ever– I’ve had one kid a week puking for the past 3 weeks. At that rate, only 5 more weeks to go. Sigh.

On another note, I decided while sitting in puke this morning that I totally DESERVE one of Daring Young Mom’s very cool pink T-shirts. Do you think age 38 is too old to wear a “Daring Young Mom” shirt?

What’s With The Owl?

This afternoon my 3 year old found this stuffed owl tucked into a drawer in my room.

“What’s he doing in here?” she asked, appalled. “Can I have him?”

When I told her she could, she snatched the owl happily from the drawer and started to carry it out of my room.

At the doorway she paused. ” Is he a boy or a girl?”

“I don’t know… what do you think?” I asked.

She peered into the owl’s face. “I think he’s a girl,” she declared, and bounced off happily to play with him/her.

Speaking of owls, did I ever tell ya where my name came from? We live out in the country, on a rocky hillside. We have owls, burrowing owls, who build their nests in the rocks and swoop around hunting for mice in our horse pasture in the evenings. When I FIRST got online back around around 1996, just after we moved out to our ‘haven’ in the country, that’s the screen name I came up with. So tell me, when did YOU first get online? And, you know what? I’d love to hear from some lurkers too, OK?

High School Picture Challenge

Randi’s“Let’s Get Real Monday”Challenge was for everyone to share high school pictures! Here are 4 of me.

The first one is of my freshman year of high school, so let’s see, that would be 1980, I think. It was before I got contacts, a major event in my high school career!

Next comes my senior picture, and a picture at prom in 1985, which I attended with my (now) husband. We met at Christmas-time during our senior year of high school.

Finally, there’s a pix of my best friend and me a year out of high school.

Other people playing this game include Carol at She Lives and I forget who else. In a hurry this AM…..

Golden Keyboard Award #5

Thanks to everyone for the great comments!! I’m giving the Golden Keyboard this week to Monika of Things We Said Today. Congrats to Monika!