Missoula Children’s Theater

Our kids are planning to try out soon for a play sponsored by Missoula Children’s Theatre . They have done it 4 times so far and have always enjoyed it. If you haven’t heard of Missoula before, they have groups of people touring all over the world all year long, spending a week at a time in each city, helping kids put on productions of various plays.

Our kids have been in musical renditions of Red Riding Hood, Jack and The Beanstalk, Frog Prince, and The Jungle Book. Auditions are always on Mondays, then the kids practice like crazy all week long and put on a performance on Saturday.

Missoula supplies the sets and costumes. Usually you have to pay $4 or so per kid to try out (and not everyone gets picked), but other than that it is free to be involved in it. It has been a great way for our homeschooled kids to get the experience of a theater production.

Anyone else had their kids involved in Missoula?


  1. Great to know about this! They're coming to our area this summer!

    We are already in another children's theater program during the school year, and we just love it. Theater really is a great way to help kids practice getting up in front of a group and overcome their natural shyness. They make it so fun.

    We're doing the musical ANNIE right now–and I need to go make some calls and sell some tickets now!!

  2. I'd never heard of this, but I checked their website. They're not coming my way anytime soon, but I'll keep checking back. What a great concept.

  3. I LOVE the Missoula Children's Theatre!! I've done them the past 4 years, and I do about 3-4 a year. I used to be a very shy individual, and then I participated in one of these shows, and was immediately hooked!! Even if your child doesn't want to pursue acting, it has a lot of other life lessons it can teach them..responsibilty, feeling their needed, social skills, overcome shyness, etc. I only wish I would have started when I was 6yrs. old (the time u can start) This is my last year of doing them, and I am going to work for Missoula Children's Theatre as Tour Actor/ Director! I highly recommend them for your kids!!