REALLY Important Survey

In light of the prolifery of random and pointless surveys floating around the web lately, Wonder Woman meets Grizzly Adams has created her own to obtain the answers to the REALLY important questions. Feel free to answer the questions in your own blog and give the link in my comments.

1. Can you use chopsticks?
Yes, but if I had to use them every meal I would definitely lose weight.

2. How many times have you ever been stung by a bee-type creature?
Probably 8 times or so- the most memorable being 4 hornet stings gotten all at once when I stuck my hand in a hornet nest.

3. Do you know what SNAFU stands for? I read it once but forgot.

4. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Uh, the Little Mermaid?

5. Free groceries for a year, or free gas? Are you kidding? Free groceries OF COURSE!

6. Where is the worst place to have a zit? Inside my ear–oh, the agony!

7. Can you wiggle your ears without wiggling any other part of your face? NO

8. If you had $5000 that you HAD to spend on plastic surgery, what would you have done?
I was going to say a tummy tuck, but then I saw #9 and thought about the guilt factor and decided I’d donate it to a child in Ethiopia who needed plastic surgery for a cleft lip or something.

9. How much guilt would you suffer over spending $5000 on plastic surgery? Too much.

10. Which is worse: a low droning noise that goes on and on or a piercing shriek that happens once? Shriek

11. What is a suitable punishment for someone who is the source of a low droning noise that goes on and on? Have him scrub the kitchen floor. The vibration of the droning helps loosen dirt.

12. What is your response to a piercing shriek? Cover the offending mouth

13. What is generally your first clue that someone is a moron? If he judges people by their color.

14. Is one loaf of bread enough to feed 11 hungry children? Only if combined with 2 lbs of cheese, a stick of butter, 2 quarts of tomato soup and 11 bananas.

15. Can I borrow a loaf of bread? Yup, I went to the bread store a couple days ago.

16. What is one holiday that you would like to see invented, and how much time off from work should we receive for this holiday? Nude Fasting Day (this is actually my friend Cindy’s creation.) Think of it though: no cooking, no dishes, and no laundry!! Should be repeated at least once a month to give moms a break.

17. If you could give every person in the world a present, what would it be? Salvation through faith in Jesus

18. What is the most charitable act you have done recently? Not hollered when a child who shall remain nameless REALLY deserved it. (Unfortunately I still need forgiveness for all the times I DID holler when I shouldn’t have!)

19. Did you have to think far too long for a response to #18? Yeah

20. Which is cuter, a 4 week old puppy or a 5 month old human? Baby. No contest. Sorry, puppy-lovers!


  1. Yea, Mary, and to all those who have just been inspired to celebrate Nude Fasting Day!

  2. Nude fasting day! I love it–sign me up! (But please, no posting pictures….)