The Street Where You Live

Momma K had the idea of sharing pictures from the street where you live. Here are a few near my house this evening. The baby and I took the first two .

Up our road– our property is on the right with the small trees and fence.

Down our road walking towards the neighbors.

And my hubby took this lovely one of the sunset for me.


  1. You have neighbors about as close as mine. Love your pictures. It looks warm – is it?

    Thanks for playing along:)

  2. Wow it is a long way to your neighbours, how nice lol.

  3. Wow! Good idea about posting the pics. I might try that. Kind of gives you a different perspective on the blogger. I agree with wendywings re: your neighbors. Some of mine are TOO CLOSE, ha ha!

  4. I grew up with lots of room like that. We're in suburbia–but so blessed to be next door to an old man with 2 acres. It's mostly black raspberries in the back, which he lets us pick–and rhubarb–and he lets our kids play all over his property. He's got a big gravel pile that a construction friend of his takes from and adds to, so they have their own mountain sometimes! He lets us park our trailer on his land too. Thank you Lord for Riley!!

  5. What a cool idea! However, if I tried to go out and photograph my neighborhood right now, I'd probably fall on my 'keister.' We're having freezing rain. I am going to make a note of this and follow suite someday. OK if I copy?