An Experienced Man

So the other day I was sitting on the floor changing the baby’s diaper. Changing her involves keeping one hand on her torso most of the time, because if the hand moves, she’ll do a quick flipover and run like the wind. In the heat of the wrestling match, my kinda-low-rise jeans had done what low-rise jeans do when the female in them dares to sit without a super-cinched belt. In the midst of the wrestling match, in walks hubby. He took in the scene and made an appreciative remark. I, being otherwise occupied, opted not to reach back and do the quick pants-hike.

“Oh, so you like these new styles, do ya?” I said. (Yeah, loaded question, but we girls are always testing our guys, aren’t we?)

His reply was quick. ‘Only on you, hon. Only on you.”

“Oooh, masterly comeback!”

‘Yeah,” he said, sitting down with a satisfied sigh. “A newlywed would have flubbed that and been in all sorts of trouble right now.”


  1. That's perfect! 🙂

  2. He's smooth! (Mike calls those loaded questions Husband Traps!)

  3. Experience pays off! ;^)

  4. Your husband knows just the right thing to say. Actually mine would have just said PLUMBERS CRACK and walked off LOL