Thursday 13– Kid’s Books!

Thirteen Books

You Won’t Get Sick Of Reading to Your Kids

1. Everywhere Babies: Susan Meyers,Marla Frazee
2. The Napping House: Audrey Wood,Don Wood
3. Tacky the Penguin: Helen Lester,Lynn M. Munsinger
4. You Are My I Love You: Maryann Cusimano Love
5. MRS. TOGGLE’S ZIPPER: Robin Pulver,R. W. Alley
6. Darcy and Gran Don’t Like Babies: Jane Cutler

7.Owl at Home: Arnold Lobel
8.Rolie Polie Olie: William Joyce
9. But No Elephants : Jerry Smath
10. Dinner at the Panda Palace: Stephanie Calmenson
11. Hedgehog for Breakfast: Ann Turner,Lisa McCue
12. It’s Too Noisy: Joanna Cole
13. Five Minutes’ Peace: Jill Murphy

To make my list, these books had to appeal to both kids and parents. Some are rhyming, many have surprising endings, many are humorous. These are the books we have come back to over and over during 18 years of parenting. I especially love #1, 4, 12 and 13. What kid’s books do you love? Talk to me!

PS– If you have adopted children or children of color, also check out my booklist on my Ethiopia Adoption Blog today!

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  1. I do not know these books as I am Spanish speaking 😀 and I am busy now with the Chronicles of Narnia (and loving them!), thanks for the tips. My 13 are up!

  2. I love Five Minutes Peace, so much I gave a copy to my friend who also has four children ( when we had much younger children that is )
    My TT list

  3. GREAT LIST! thanks for coming to my T13 today!

  4. AWWWWWW I'm going to have to check some of those out!


  5. I'm not one for books, so I don't know the ones you list. I gave up reading some time ago, my eyes aren't that great anymore. I do look at recipe books though. 😆

    My 13

  6. I never get tired of reading to Jacob!
    My 13 are up!

  7. I feel so out of touch, I'm not familiar with any of those… My 13 are up!

  8. I will keep your 13 booklist! My 13 are on my blog today!

  9. Great list- thanks so much for sharing! Would you believe we only have ONE of those 13?! (The Napping House). I'll have to check some of those others out. I have several favorites that didn't make your list. lol

    My 13 are up

  10. I don't recognize some of them- I'll have to jot them out and hit the library after school- it's our day we go. Great list!! 🙂Mine are up

  11. Congrats! You have been nominated for a blog award at One Woman's World. Come on over and nominate some of your favorite women bloggers! 🙂

  12. I've never heard of any of them, but they sound really good and well worth passing along.

    My TT is up.

  13. I don't know any of these….but I'll keep them in mind for my nephew!

  14. I have heard of one or two of those..I'll have to pick a few of those up the next time we stop by a bookstore. My two baby boys love to be read too…

    We love Franklin, Arthur, and Dr. Seuss books here…

  15. Thanks for your list — I'm always happy to find new books for my girls!