My Dream House

Chookooloonks and Me vs. Rut… are talking about their dream homes and it looked so fun that I thought I’d join in too. I am overall usually pretty content with our house– a 2900 sf 5 bedroom/3 bath house with a great room for a main living area. However, we built it when we had three children, and now we have 8. So the main living areas are getting a LITTLE squeezy! If I had a magic supersizing device I would probably give the great room, kitchen, dining room and laundry room about a 20% upsize.

I’ve also spent time over at Landmark Designs
This plan is pretty cool except I would use the living room as a piano room/library and probably we would build at least a partial basement underneath it. Also, the exterior of the house is not terribly appealing to me. But I love, love, love the great room, as well as the setup of the children’s bathrooms. Oh, and we’d turn the den into the baby’s room.

Another one I like pretty well is this one. Again, fabulous great room, great dining area. It would need a partial basement to get us a another bedroom or two, and this exterior is even more boring than the last. But it looks like a very comfortable house for our family to live in.

However, just to keep my perspective on the difference between what I want and what I need, here are some houses in Ethiopia. We in America are so blessed!


  1. oh my. yeah, just when I'm feeling awful that we don't own a home i have to admit that I'd rather rent than own a thatch hut.

  2. We are squished with 8 of us in an 1800 sq. ft house–plus the full, finished basement, thank God! (Don't know why they don't include that–it makes such a difference.)

    But whenever I get frustrated, I just think of how the rest of the world lives. Even in European countries, they get by with far less square footage per person than we think we need.

    Thanks for the perspective!

  3. Michele sent me but I would have wandered over eventually lol.
    Love the new header btw very cute.
    It always helps to keep perspective when we think our houses are too small.

  4. Those pictures definately put things in perspective. Heck, even thinking back to visiting a friend in England where they have to heat up the water and don't have a shower or a clothes dryer. Makes me appreciate my home.